Crocuses made up for failed record attempt.

Crocuses made up for failed record attempt.

The sun was shinning and I felt good so thought I would put my winter treadmill training to a bit of a test today, I got kitted up, set my stop watch and it was off to the top of the estate for an attempt on my previous best time of 16 mins 30 seconds.

This was a little optimistic seeing as I was wearing heavier winter clothing and the air temperature was too cold for deep breathing but if you don't try you'll never know.

To be honest I pushed really hard but the pain was just too uncomfortable so I settled for the respectful time of 19 mins just to make sure an ambulance wasn't needed at the top of the hill. :)

On the way up the bridleway I spotted these colourful crocuses and thought you all might like to see them so I snapped um' on my easier return journey. I soon forgot about my failed record attempt and absorbed myself in the beauty of nature.

Tony. Get out Healthunlockeders if you are able, and enjoy whats going on out there in the sunshine. :)

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  • Great attempt Tony as you said breathing in cold air doesn't help. Next time eh! I've got those flowers in my back yard. X

  • There will be more chance in my shorts and 'T' shirt later in the year but who cares I got to see a bit of colour on the way. xx

  • Worth every minute to see those beaut fleurs - another day, another record. :) xx

  • Its good that I had my trusty camera and was able to share them with everyone. As you say that record will keep for another day so its back to the treadmill for some more training. The good thing that comes from a good outdoor walk is my breathing is generally better for a few days so tomorrow should be a good one. :) xx

  • Never mind Tony lovely photo. You are still doing really well. Admire your determination and effort. You must have enjoyed just being out.

  • Its been a good day all round what with the Sun the crocuses and England beating the Irish today at Twickenham. :) xx

  • Hmmm dilemma, I'm half English and half Irish. Am I glad or am I sad??

  • Your in a good place Suzy as Ireland are leading the championship on points difference and England won today so either way your a winner. :) xx

  • DALL05 - good to see those cheerful flowers - there have been so many lovely photos which i love. The sunshine is pouring through the window. i have been out this morning.

  • It was a little nippy out there wasn't it, we were lured out by the Sun and blue sky's and it was worth the effort me thinks. The photo's we all put on add a little life and colour to everyone's day don't they, stitch is the master with the amazing scenery she has around and her artists eye as well. x

  • I am catching up Tony - gone from 8 to 14 sit to stands! Soon be overtaking you if you are not careful so no backsliding, okay? :p

  • Hey you I'm getting worried now, I look forward to seeing your 2 minute video soon :) keep up the great work Toci

  • You make me feel ashamed Tony. I can the smell the fresh air on your hill!

    Still I've been doing a bit of pottering about in the garden. Was a beautiful day here in London and warm in the sun in my little garden.

    Love the cheerful flowers. Sara xx

  • Those crocuses are colourful little chappies arn't they and did a good job of brightening up my day too.

    The air was fresh all right up on my hill but with the Sun shinning and the right kit on it was just great to be out there with all the other walkers.

    If your garden is sheltered from any wind I bet it was lovely doing a bit of pottering so lets hope there is more good weather to come eh'

    Tony xx

  • I'll drink to that. Cheers! Sara x

  • Drink! now there's an idea, 1 Guinness coming up with my Chinese take away. Now that's livin yeh'.

  • So you've joined the naughty girls club I see tony good lad. X

  • Sounds like a fun place to be, maybe I should change my name from Tony to Toni. Ha Ha

  • Hi Tony I love crocuses well all flowers,well done you ,maybe you didnt break your record but your record was done probably in warmer air so I think you did brilliantly only 3sec diff eh? Can really feel the spring creeping in. Happy days Tony :) Janexx

  • The time wasn't too important today but I use it as a marker to how well and fit I am. Only a year ago it used to take me 30 mins to do that walk so I'm quite happy with 19 mins for now. I expect Gertie could take us both up there in half the time and it would be a lot more fun.

    Dads daffs should be up soon so stand by for a sea of yellow in his orchard, lets hope its a good year eh'. :)

    Tony xx

  • Haha that would be a great fun thing to do I envisage lots of giggling lol.This time of year is spectacular with the array of colours,daffodil lawns and bluebell forests mmm relying on you for some great pics and i know you will capture some great sites.Tony you is the man to watch and learn from ,your continual perseverance is outstanding.What you up to tonight? :) Janexx

  • Well I'm a mechanic Jane so with a bit of tuning I reckon we would take off at the top of the estate and who knows where we'll end up. What do you think Gertie would think of a V8 turbo charged motor eh' that should turn a few heads me thinks Ha.

    Those pics can't be to far away now but dads orchard is always behind the rest of the world so we wait patiently. :)

    Tonight Jane I've been watching the voice, eating Chinese take away and drinkin a beer, yes I know how to live it up on a Saturday night. :) as you said watch and learn He He.

    Tony xx

  • Oh yes that sounds just the job that would defo turn a few heads lol Id love to see that.Looking forward to dads orchard.Im about to join Butter-fly and others in the Blf cyber bar so chinchin have a good evening Tony :) Janexx

  • So what's the plan jane.x

  • Shall we put post up calling anyone to come for drinks supper and natter? xx

  • Good idea jane. X

  • Hey jane I hear Tonys likes to partake bring him along he could be our token male. X

  • Steph might need to start new post your ones already lagging with number of posts Janexx :)

  • Have you done it yet? X

  • yes tell the others over to mine now haha all change for victoria xx

  • Well done Tony, getting out in the sunshining is an achievement and so enjoyable after the many days of rain we've had :)

    I always go by the guideline, if it hurts too much ease up, pause and pace yourself. :)

    Such a lot of new life happening in the garden at the moment and the robin is practising his spring song. Bless :)

    Love the picture :)

    Best wishes BC

  • The physio's say no pain no gain but I say too much pain pull on the rein. That way we live to fight another day and that hill will be beat later this year I'm sure.

    Its a great time of year BC and everything is taking us forward to hopefully a brilliant spring and summer.


  • Wonderful to see those thanks for posting the pic spring is on the way

  • Makes you feel good don't it, a bit of colour and sun is a good pill to take eh' nanaber.

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