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What have I got? 2 years of coughing up phlegm, back pain and chest pain and fatigue. Chest clinic doctor said mild asthma or mild bronchiectasis but inconclusive and then discharged me. I am well enough to cycle to work 7mile round trip so no complaints really I would just like to know what it is, why I have it and should I go back to GP and ask for another referral to chest clinic but a different one. I am not on any medicine but I can hear my breathing whistle and wheeze and the symptoms never go away. I never feel better and although I do reg exercise so should feel super fit I just feel super tired! I am 55, gave up smoking a long time ago and had whooping cough when I was 21 and have always loved a good garden bonfire. I'm thinking what goes around comes around. My chest is reacting to a life lived.

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  • Sorry you have been diagnosed with both complaints but it is good that they both seem mild. and that you are able to cycle to work.

    I have a few lung complaints one of them being bronchiectasis and the whistling and wheeze are common with Bronch. I would at least thought you would have been taught airway clearance as you need to keep the mucous moving to prevent recurrent infection. I think you need to go back to your gp and tell him you want to see a specialist again. if only to explain the implications of the asthma and the bronch. Keep cycling! M x

  • Thank you for reply Mocarey, I don't think the consultant was telling me I had mild bronchiectasis or asthma but he said they were possibilities. V inconclusive.

  • Hi Trinite

    Didn't your consultant give you a ct scan? Even if your bronchiectasis or asthma (or both) are mild, they need monitoring and steps taken to keep them mild.

    The consultant you saw should have done a scan and referred you to a respiratory physiotherapist to learn techniques to clear your lungs. I so agree with our Mocarey re asking your GP for a referral back to a different respiratory consultant. Take a look online at your local hospitals or Dr. Foster to find a decent consultant, or if you give us the name of a large town/city you have access to, one of the members here might be able to recommend someone. If it is thought you have bronchiectasis try choose a con with a special interest in cystic fibrosis/bronchiectasis. Then ask your GP to refer you to the one you want to see.

    Keep up the cycling.

    Good luck

    love cx

  • Hi Trinite,sorry to hear of you being in the dark over possible diagnoses!

    You have some great advice,from our friends above,so please take note of it!

    Good luck with it all xx

  • Hi Trinite go back to your doctor and ask for a chest x- ray as your not happy. It's good that you can exercise it will help. Make sure you tell your dr how you feel.

  • It can be worrying when you don't know what's up, keep trying to get answers so you can get better, cycling is brilliant exercise. :) xxx

  • Take the advice from the ladies above and go back to your GP if you are having difficulties.

    + Stay away from the bonfires.

  • Hi trinite, I was just wondering if you cycle route takes you through heavy traffic....would you be able to wear a mask ? When you cycle do you breathe through your mouth....nasal breathing is a better filter of particulates.

    Is the mucus you cough up discoloured...if so you may have a long standing infection which could be treated with the right antibiotic

    Can you ring the helpline on is open during working hours though. I think a visit to your gp is needed and see if he will arrange an X-ray and sputum test.

    Sorry for the load of questions! Best wishes

  • Hi there, many many of us have started this way too and without the appropriate treatment and management of your condition (whatever it is, there is most certainly something amiss) it is vital right now (well quite soon :) ) to start on some mild treatment/management regime.

    Cofdrop and Knitter are right.

    Did your con give you a CT scan? An X-Ray is not sufficient. Ask your GP for another referral to somewhere else. Never mind if it's difficult to get to, hopefully you won't need many visits before you get result of the scan, diagnosis and a plan of treatment to keep it controlled and mild.

    If I had my time over I would get a private CT scan to get an early diagnosis and prevent any further damage to my lungs.

    I too used to cycle to from work in London, fit as a fiddle. The invisible pollution probably brought on my symptoms much earlier.

    In a way, you're lucky you know something's amiss now so you can do something about it and continue to be fighting fit and have great health.

    Two best things you can do: keep your immune system tip top and be proactive - as you are already by coming here!

    All the very best to you Trinite

  • Hi there Trinite what a shame so your still in the dark.As everyone else go back to the doctors to ask for a second opinion.Hopefully whatever the diagnosis is, its mild.Your doing all the right things my keeping your fitness level up so good on you this will help loads.Takecare Trinite let us know how things go eh? :) Janexx

  • Definitely go and ask for a second referral. My problems started five years ago i put up with three as just thought i had infection due to asthma but 2012 was bad (im usually ill in winter ) so asked for referral saw consultant in may 2013 he was useless no tests scans etc just breathing test and gave me a new inhaler and pill to take on top of the two i was already taking. This winter ive been worse than ever still not fit yet ...i asked for second opinion elswhere and already ive had ct scan bone scan and guess what im not asthmatic !!! (Which i never thought i was) so do not give up go back you only live once x judith

  • Sorry to hear that you where diagnosed with those two conditions I have moderate asthma and I have phlegm problems yow but never smoked just ask your doctor about treatments that make help the wheeze go away or relieved for a few hours and I know it's hard but keep trying

  • And also stay away form smoke and chemicals if you can it's very bad for asthma

  • Thank you one and all for very useful responses, it is very good to talk. I already felt I should go back to GP and am even more convinced now.

  • Hi Trinite,

    I had a chest exray which showed some my doctor had not a clue what is was, i was refered to Lung Specialist at the L@D and was given a scan,which showed up quite advanced Bronchietaxis, please ask for a second apinion, so please go. good luck, let us know how you get on


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