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Hi everyone ....went to see my rheumy yesterday and she doesnt think my ra and lung probs are linked. But explained all my bloods results in normal language gp took a bnp test to see how my heart was working she told me it was higher than should be but didnt explain fully and i was in shock to be honest to ask ...she wont sign me off until we know what ive got. But nurse said my hands are swollen - holding water ....and heart is working extra hard due to infection or heart failure and need to see gp ...had ct scan and respirtory dr didnt use the bnp test but said my heart sounds fine ct scan will pick up and ill go for echo. Goodness no wonder im bamboozeld . Anyone else know about these bnp blood tests. ???? I am feeling better but still lot pain in chest and get out of breath easily . But im going to see my lovely horse tomorrow for bit cuddle therapy yeeeeey xxxxx judith

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  • Hi Judith, glad you are being thoroughly checked. I am not sure about the bnp heart check, I had so many before I was diagnosed I was a bit like you, they all seemed to blur together. For me it was the CT scan that revealed what was goin on. In the early days before I was diagnosed my symptoms were shortness of breath, exhaustion, a rapid heart rate and an enlarged left or right ventrical I can't remember which now. Its helpful once diagnosis is achieved because that is when we get prescribed the correct medicines for the condition to help combat the symptoms. So just keep going for all the tests and eventually, hopefully you will not have to wait too much longer for a diagnosis and medications that will help settle things down for you

    Have a wonderful day with Miss Ellie tomorrow and hope you will soon be feeling much much better.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend BC :) x

  • Oh thank you BC very much for your reply . It is frustrating but you are so right . The heart blood test id never even heard of but (and iknow i shouldnt but i cant help myself! ) googled bnp test and its all about heart failure diagnsis!!!

    I am so looking forward to seeing Miss Ellie and her pal thank you ...the little pleasures of life mean so much more when youve been stuck inside . You have a good weekend too love Judith xxxxx

  • Hello Judith still a bit in the shadows I see nothing terribly clear! Wouldnt it be good if doctors stepped out of the box and treat us as a whole person joining with other cons as very often things lead else where that needs checking they do get caught up within their field sometimes with blinkers on.So miserable for you to still have pain,worrying for you.Tomorrows another day and a good one for you seeing Miss Ellie ,enjoy your day with her. :) Janexx

  • Thanks Jane xxx you have a good weekend hopefully sunny one x Judith xxxxx

  • Hi Judith,sorry to hear you are still in pain,it will be such a relief to you,once they get it all sorted! Sorry I have no idea about that particular test.

    Well I'm sure seeing Miss Ellie,will take your mind off things for a while,& I'm sure she will be more than pleased to see you!

    Enjoy your special time with her,& good luck with everything else! Hugs to you & Ellie, xxxx

  • Thank you Wendells for your reply kind words love Judith xx

  • Hi Judith, wishing you well and hoping that you do get the right results soon. I have not heard of the test but Pete has had an echo done and he also has enlargement in the heart on both sides. The doctors are not that concerned but like to keep an eye on him. Take care and good luck. xxxx

  • Thank you Sassy 59 xxxx Judith

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