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I have been discharged from hospital from pneumonia but still suffering pain..should I go to my GP?

I am only 20 but I have severe chronic asthma. I was discharged from hospital three days ago after a 4 day stay in hospital on regular nebs, antibiotics and steroids for pneumonia. I am still having pain and feeling light headed when I try to exert myself, is this normal? Or should I make a point of seeing my GP again?

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Hi, can you call the BLF for advice. They may still be there right now but of for weekend soon. 03000 030 555. Be quick, they've experts on line. P

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Hi, hope you managed to get through to the helpline in time. Otherwise I would contact your gp for advice before the weekend


Hi seek advice. You are only just getting better from pneumonia it will take a while whenever I've been recovering it's took weeks to get well. Take your time rest and eat healthy stay away from people with infections coughing sneezing. Get well soon. X

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Try and see if you can speak to one of the doctors for advice. Be assertive with reception emphasising you have just come out of hospital with pneumonia etc.

Good luck.

Love cx


Hi poor you its not nice at all. When i had my first bout of pneumonia i was 30 and it took me a year to fully recover so dont expect to retutn to your normall self to quick. I have never smoked and was very fit physically and i expected to be the same as soon as the infection had gone big mistake ....so make sure you eat well and if you dont feel like eating much make sure you eat good quality protein foods and wholesome soups etc. Pace yourself have naps ....if you work can you do part Time xxx take care and look after yourself xxx love judith x


I would definitely make an appointment to see the GP or even ask for a telephone appointment if that comes sooner so you can chat to the doc and get further advice. You may even be able to have a chat with the duty doctor for advice if you phone the surgery now.

Rest up well and give yourself time to recover, go by what your body is telling you if you get light headed when you try and exert stop exerting and rest some. Take good care of yourself and don't expect a quick return to normal, recovery from pneumonia can take some time.

Some links you may want to view:





Best wishes BC


Go see your gp. That's what they,re there for.


Hi there cmcadams 18 I cant add to the good advice you have already been given.Very nice to meet you so sorry you've been poorly I do hope you get well soon take things slowly eh. :) Janexx


Think you should,please don't take a chance & leave it, it might get worse! Hope you get seen to asap & get well soon!x


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