Hate Red Tape

Oh how I hate red tape! On Monday I found out I could have the oxygen pipe fitted round my bungalow instead of dragging it behind, such a pain when my husbands stands on it, so as my respiratory nurse was coming Tuesday morning I asked her about it and rang the council to see if I could have it done as I didn't want to contravene my tenancy agreement. Well the nurse sorted it out did a HOOF and Air Liquide are ready and waiting! When I rang the council they said to email the Housing Manager with a phone number and they would ring the same day and then follow it up with a letter of confirmation. Two days later I rang them again and nothing had been done except forward my email to the Housing Manager who at that time was in training! I have just had a phone call to say it has had to go to the department that deals with disability adaptations and the appropriate engineer is looking into it and I should get a letter early next week with permission. Why, oh why, when they don't have to do anything does it take so long to say yes or no, they don't even have to come out to look. I am sure I am not the only person in this area who has asked for it. No wonder we pay so much Council Tax to pay the wages of so many useless people who sit in offices passing the buck! Grrrrrrrrrrr

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  • Grrrrrrrrr indeed! How incredibly frustrating for you. Hope it is sorted soon. x

  • Sympathise with all the phaff that goes on, carole. I wonder about our council in general. They make sure they live in thriving villages around the town, but the town is sadly neglected. Derelict empty shops, potholes, and those ghastly purple wheelie bins. Sad when you see surrounding towns are prosperous. I know my comments aren't directly related to yours. But the message is the same. Pergola xx

  • Why does it take so long? Ridiculous!! I hope you soon get sorted

  • It makes you wonder,by doing the right thing,was it the wrong thing& should just gone ahead & done it!!

    Hope it's sorted soon,can understand your frustration! xxx

  • I don't think that administrative matters concerning tenancy agreements are funded by Council Tax.

  • I wouldn't expect a housing trust, or indeed any landlord, to provide a stair lift.

  • Hi caroloctober

    You must be seething. Still hopefully it will eventually get done. I sympathise with the trailing pipe. I get very frustrated with mine at times- husband standing on it (ears or nose wrenched), caught round furniture and having to go back and forth to untangle it (getting more breathless).

    When you do finally get it installed I would be grateful to hear how you get on with it - might consider it myself.

    I'm frustrated today since I was expecting a home delivery of drugs that cannot be supplied my own pharmacy. This is now the third time that it has failed to materialise, so another day next week has been booked but I won't hold my breath! Shame because up till now I have had excellent service.


  • That is so frustrating, I hope you aren't desperate for any, I get mine via pharmacy2u but you can only do it if your surgery uses them. I have a very good surgery and can book appointments on line too. Hope you get them soon. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • This is a special prescription for 'controlled' drugs requested by Royal Brompton hospital pulmonary hypertension unit. Normally a 3 months supply would be delivered but this time only one month's supply was sent. It is the attempt to rectify the situation that has been unsuccessful on 3 occasions now. They are not a local pharmacy - I think maybe Herts. I still have about 10-11 days supply left but not comfortable with cutting it this fine.

    Oh well another delivery date set for next week - hopefully it will happen this time!


  • It would be great if they had water coming through the ceiling and had to go through the same procedure to get a plumber out !!! bet they'd be over the moon?

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