Getting out this evening!

I don't have to spend a second weekend in hospital! My husband can pick me up on his way home - about 7 pm. One more dose of IV antibiotics at 4pm then oral antibiotics from then on. Another blod test on 28th and see the consultant on 1st March.

Mustn't return to work too soon though so will be able to rest. Have also been told to take probiotic yoghurt drink to stop effects of all the antibiotics and to avoid contact with people with coughs and colds as immune system not working properly. Next immunology appointment at Addenbrookes not until 28 April.


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Good news - so glad to hear that you are coming home! I always give my husband an actimel every morning - they seem to be pretty good. Have a lovely weekend. Take good care and slowly does it! TAD xxx

Hi judith good news plenty of rest for you. Take care. X

Hi, great news for you. Take it easy when you get home won't you!

BTW, if I were you I'd get some probiotic capsules, they have much more good bacteria in them than the expensive yoghurt drinks. Take them for a good few weeks (I'd take them for months but that's me).

Have a wonderful sleep in your own bed tonight :)

The probiotic capsules are stronger and cheaper than the yoghurts. Glad you are coming home. :)

Welcome home, alanjudy, and a lovely day at the moment. Addenbrookes, we live in the same area. Huge great place. Have you used the park and ride?

I only see the immunologist there. I live in Letchworth , my respiratory consultant is based at St George's London but I usually see him in Hitchin. I drive all the way to Addenbrookes.


Congratulatuions Judith :)

Have a wonderful restful weekend in the comfort of your own home, it will be bliss to sleep in your own bed again I think :)

Take extra care of yourself and just concentrate on full recovery - good advice do not return to work too soon.

Best wishes always BC

Great news Judith, soooo pleased for you. There is nothing like you own bed - lots of r and r and I hope you feel lots better very soon.

love cx

Great news! x

Hi Judith hope your safe and sound back home now. Be nice to be in your own bed too. Take it easy. X

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