Steam clean lungs?

In the 'Daily Mail' every Tuesday, there are loads of articles about various health issues. When I have finished reading them all, I have 'everything' under the sun wrong with me (Only joking!!) I did however, quite some time ago cut out an article about 'steam cleaning lungs' of people with COPD. I would attach article to this post, but I dont think I can do that - does anyone know anything further on this procedure? Many thanks

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  • Cant help but it sounds interesting.

  • Sounds a great idea,will be interesting to see where it goes!

    Txs for the link,little usker! xxx

  • I researched the idea of Bronchial Lavage I did not find a successful clinic using this procedure.


  • Hi there Jays24 sounds interesting.Wouldnt it be good if they could remove our lungs put us on a lung machine whilst giving our lungs a good ole descale and clean then return them back into us. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jays24 I had a bronchoscopy and a bronchial wash out about 8 weeks ago, (which I think is what you are talking about). At the same time they siphon off any matter & debris that has accumulated in the lungs. The results are sent to the lab for analysis and can take a few weeks to come back. It is not a painful procedure and you are not aware of what is happening. It's helpful if you are suffering from some lung illness that can be treated. For the most part I was led to believe that with copd there will always be 'muck' in the lungs as it is the nature of the beast.

    However if there's something new out there then I'll be climbing over all those bodies to get to the front of the queue! I always read the health pages in the daily mail and have never seen an article on copd. Trust me to have missed it! Regards Sara.

  • Hi Sara - Little Usker responded immediately to my comment who kindly provided the email address for the article -, worth a look and hope you can access it.

    Regards Jill

  • Well I suppose at least this procedure has been approved in the UK; we just have to wait for the funds and skills to actually carry it out.

  • Scrobbitty I'm going to have to read up on this as I know nothing about it. Surely it's only short term relief as broncs and other conditions are a build up. I'll have to see.x

  • There are two procedures from what I can gather - a lung lavage which is relatively temporary and this steaming. The steaming shoots a blast of very hot steam at the damaged section, which causes it to scar and seal off, thus allowing you to utilise the good bits of your lungs (at least that's the way I read it). That is longer lasting and has the same effect as the valves and coils. xx

  • You are absolutely right scrobbitty. Just read about steam treatment. Thanks. Sara.


    Little Usker immediately replied to my query re the Daily Mail article with the email address for this article which is Hope you are able to access this, I guess anything is worth looking at with regard to lung problems, rather than just being told there is no cure. Thank you Little Usker

  • never give up .... nothing is impossible.

    I had a teacher at school who, as he was clipping someone round the ear, would often say ......

    "boy, there's no such word as 'can't', unless the following two words are 'be bothered'. What you really mean is you won't.even try.

    ...... that has stayed with me for 50 years ....... sign of a damn good teacher.

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