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Essential oils

I have just bought some moisture posts to hang on my radiators to help with humidity. Does anyone know any essential oil that I could put in, that smells nice and will help not hinder by breathing?

polly xx

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hi does putting water pots on rads help breathing then . never heard of this


It helps to combat the dryness that radiator heat can cause in indoor air. Some find this helps with their breathing.


I have seen these moisture pots for sale in a mail order mag, and have wondered how effective they are. Not sure about essential oils, could be overpowering. I would be interested to know how you get on. xx


In my home the moisture pots don't do the job on their own, I still have to use wet flannels on the radiator and a humidifier, usually I don't tolerate high humidity. But my room humidity has been as low as 38%, recently at the moment it is higher at 45% but the best would be 50 - 55% for comfort. (I have a humidity monitor just so I can have some control of the indoor air humidity) I add humidity when too low and remove it when too high.


I use, rosemary, lavender or peppermint myself, but it is down to personal preference and what the needs are. You might love the smell of lemons so lemon essential oil or orange might be good to use.

I always use the pure essential oils (ones that can be used in therapy, avoid ones that are artificial and whose origins are a product of several countries. Adulterated oils will be bound to make you cough and irritate airways. For some people even the pure essential oils can have this affect. Its important to chose an oil fragrance you like, no good getting lavender for relaxing and de-stressing if you hate the smell of lavender for instance.

I use 6 drops only in my ceramic water carriers on the radiators if using one essential oil or 3 drops each of two different oils. I find lavender and rosemary work really well together for me personally.

information about how to use:


tisserand about essential oils:


Always check cautions about the oils. **

Check which ones stimulate, you might want to buy one for relaxing to use in the evening and one to stimulate to use on waking in the morning. High dose (too many drops above the recommended) could have an undesirable affect.


Tisserand Cautions:

When shouldn't essential oils be used?

If you have a skin condition, are pregnant, have epilepsy or asthma, are on a course of treatment with prescribed medication, or are in doubt about any condition you may have, it is important that you seek the advice of a doctor or suitable practitioner before using essential oils.

Fleur Cautions (quite IMPORTANT to read this page link):


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I agree with BlakeyC regarding some oils which can irritate the airways as I have also found with scented candles. However, in principle the water pots do combat the dryness that particularly central heating can cause. June


I find that essential oils (even the pure ones) irritate my throat and make me cough).

I've got a hygrometer on the wall. It indicates 60% at the moment. so I don't find it dry.


Hi I think you should be very careful with essential oils the smell can be very strong. this is only a suggestion i don't know if it will work or not .Try putting one or two drops on a tissue and carry it around with you for a day, if you feel it is bothering you through it away out side. If it dosent then try one or two drops in one of your radiator pots.You might want to label them as well for times when you do not want any smell. I hope you find something you enjoy Lavender may be old fashioned but is relaxing. Best wishes Irene


Hi Polly

I discovered a lovely smelling decongestant oil while just surfing from site Shop Holistic. It is called Decongestant Synergy Blend and I use it on my pillow at night and just in a basin of hot water. Hope this helps.



Don't know about essential oils but my eldest son used to hide his peas in them he hated them. Fun when the cold weather came and my wife used to fill them and we switched on the heating. Peas rehidrated and popped off everywhere


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