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Tegarding lo innune system

I just wondered if anyone else is being treated with sub cut immunoglobulin for a virtually non existant immune system due to 30 years of steroids. . I had a 18 month trial came off it for 6 months and now back.on it again as system virtually wiped out. .i do it myself at home via a drip weekly. Which saves a trip to birmingham from stoke. . Just wondered if anyone else out there to compare notes with.

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I suffer from neutropoenia (low neutrophil count). I use an injection of GCSF - Granulocytes Colonising Stimulating factor. within minutes, my white blood cell count shoots up.

Lately, I've used Rifampicin to fight TB. This depletes my neutrophil level quite quickly. I have to use the injection now every 8 days to maintain the right level to fight infections. I had pneumonia for the last 8 days and had to go to hospital. I was given an injection of GCSF to boost my immune system and fight the infection.


Hi. I just been reading up about your neutripoenia. ! First off all isnt the human body a complex organ. Its not surprising so many things go wrong. I was a nurse untill i had to take early retirement due to my respiratory probs. And i ,m sure half these conditions didnt exist then. And if they did we still survived ! Do you do your own injections. ? I give myself a iv drip once a week it takes couple hours at home but the alternative was a day in hospp weekly. And that would be a trip to birmingham weekly. A round trip of 80 miles. . Anyway thanks for replying....take care. Sue


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