Emphysema & Radion lets get smart with radiation natural or unnatural

Emphysema & Radion lets get smart with radiation natural or unnatural

Its time to get real with UK Fracking sites and gamma radiation as most medical professionals know radiation can and dose cause emphsema.

I might ad is not a nice illness AND anything we can do to cut down on natrual or unnatural radion as to be a good thing ESP if your a Co2 retainer now we can on our smart phones pads.

What i will say there is NO monitoring of UK frackings sites and radeoactive stuff thay deliver into our environment or chemicals thay use in there UK site's and waste thay remove from site.

Until NOW Gammapix on iphone android and is ready to use it was developed for military personel and is working Geiger Counter .

Lets say NO to any more Emphysema or Radion entering our environments from fracking opperations and its gamma radiation that escapes into environment in form the site's backflow in form of co2 methane.


Search App & Google android store for gammapix and lets get SMART ON RADION & UK FRACKING OPPERATIONS

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Good morning Daz

I say No to fracking.

Type ... " epetition fracking " ... into your browser, search engine reveals loads of active petitions :)

Happy signing.

It's a good way to help get the people's voice heard.

Best wishes BC

Thanks for another informative post, Daz. x

Thanks BlakeyC for the links.

how do we explore every avenue of all diseases if we don't know the as bs cs of them and maybe the posibilitys just maybe the missing component is there or linked to other factors ,and the dots get joined and the missing component is there,big maybe but who knows ,could be a 14yr old kid in there science lesson who finds something,loads of smart kids out there today,

Greg, to address your statement that "Noone ever at all, and certainly noone on this site, could ever trace their disease back to "fracking". The suggestion that this may be a causal factor is utterly disgraceful."


Although radon gas is a known cause of lung cancer, the association between residential radon and mortality from non-malignant respiratory disease has not been well characterised. The Cancer Prevention Study-II is a large prospective cohort study of nearly 1.2 million Americans recruited in 1982. .......Throughout 2006, there were a total of 28,300 non-malignant respiratory disease deaths. Radon was significantly associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) mortality...... There was a significant positive linear trend in COPD mortality with increasing categories of radon concentrations (p<0.05). Findings suggest residential radon may increase COPD mortality. Further research is needed to confirm this finding and to better understand possible complex inter-relationships between radon, COPD and lung cancer.


very good link toci thank you,xxx

thanks for that Toci :)

thank you and keep posting ,as expected another informative post,xxx

Good post Daz and quite an emotive subject too. I agree with your opinions and will be signing an epetition today. Hope you are doing ok and take care. xxxxxx

Fracking does sound scary to me, but it's all down to money!

I would rather our government didn't spend money on projects that are harmful to peoples health and the environment.

For those interested more choices concerning epetitions on fracking, I shall be signing more than just one. :) ;)

Knock yourselves out here :) epetitions.direct.gov.uk/se...

I,ve done the petition ,xxx

Hi BC hope ya all well yep i will respond to each every one CHEERs for comments :)

But ye hope ya good bc .. here you might find intresting .. well and others to

List of illneses associated with gas fracking and chemical use and waste


Hi Daz, doing ok, hope you are also, looking forward to dryer warmer weather. Thanks so much for link Daz. Keep up the good work and keep on breathing :) wishing you a great day, best wishes always BC

read some of it,will read rest later, good read,i saw a film once a solicitor or lawyer defending people who had been exposed to something,it was a true story but I cant remember what it was called,xxx

Not bad for a first post Baguley, but you appear to have become a little confused. You take the beginning of an article in wikipedia and change the ending? "In theoretical physics, a graviscalar (also known as a radion) is a hypothetical particle that emerges as an excitation of the metric tensor....." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravi... ... There is no mention there of Radion Emphysema gravitational field data, whatever that is supposed to mean.

Radion may refer to:

Radion (physics), a scalar field in quantum field theory in spacetimes with additional dimensions

A DC comics villain (see List of DC Comics metahumans)

A toxic substance in DC comics (List of objects in the DC Universe#Natural_elements)

RADION International (see RADION International)


Radon is a chemical element with symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as an indirect decay product of uranium or thorium. Its most stable isotope, 222Rn, has a half-life of 3.8 days. Radon is one of the densest substances that remains a gas under normal conditions. It is also the only gas under normal conditions that only has radioactive isotopes, and is considered a health hazard due to its radioactivity. Intense radioactivity has also hindered chemical studies of radon and only a few compounds are known.


A think its all intresting nothing like chewing the grits .. ye i had some one on other site saying you cant pic radiation up on a camera ... but i duly put him straight on chemicals and light spectrum and procrssing power of phone's cameras had come a long way

In your original post you say "most medical professionals know radiation can and dose cause emphysema" (sic). Do you have any sources to support that assertion?

Yer do is basic one stay clear of fracking sites and radiation

the page does not come up,,

See if you live in an area of high risk of radon gas here . . . ukradon.org/information/ukmaps

I say no to fracking has well

Hi steph yes you are right its not its health and thats what my post is about our health

exactly health related posts, you keep posting,xxx

Glad to see you back Stitch you have a way with words I just love !!! Regards: Brian

Thanks for that Daz. I'm going to have a go at getting that app on my 2 Android devices.

I get that you're making others aware of the Radion and I for one, appreciate it.

Hope you're doing okay. xx P

Typo on Radion Toci posted link for en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radon

Hi peeg cheers nice one .. dont forget its environmental agency u get out to check readings

Hi daz, was enjoying your post until I saw my little village is right in the middle of a radon dense area !

Hi zube sorry to read that but at least you know what your up against .. need to download app for years government as had monopoly on radiation readings Till now


All you need to know and more.


Excellent link stone, thanks.

Thanks from me also stone, I recall posting a link on one of Daz's old post that gave the radon maps but couldn't find that one, found this page instead, the first pdf download shows the areas high in radon, I had no idea Cornwall and Devon were the worst areas:



What also as to be noted is the UK as very strict controls , with regard, Radon monitoring .

I remember taking down two pair of semi's newly built , because the builder had completed a adequate soil testing. This was in Glasgow

Its good to know the authorities are at least on top of this one, it really does make you wonder why they are even entertaining the idea of fracking though. Doesn't seem to go hand in hand.

Thanx stone, it is an excellent link, looks like I can get radon levels measured for £49.80, right inside our living room, then we can know for sure.... pity we can't cook on this gas and save some cash !


For more information on fracking


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