TODAY I had oxygen nurse come round to see me . had wife and one of me daughters there to make sure I understood all what I was told and to ask any important questions . well she came in and I was sat down and she stabbed me in earhole and put blood in a fancy machine to measure the level . I now have to be on it at least 15 hours a day . and I am not allowed to sleep without oxygen any more .so that's a lot of the hours used up . I have been put on 1 litre overnight and 4 litres when moving about . good news is she has wrote me a letter for me getting a blue badge for witch I have interview for on 3rd of march . hope I get it so hard walking about . keep on breathing x x

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  • Hi Tobydoo. My Husband has never had blood taken from his ear. I've heard before that it can tell your oxygen more accurately. It's good if your only on 1ltr of oxygen at night and 4 ltrs for ambulatory. My Husband is on 2 ltrs at night and 4 ltrs ambulatory. He still can't walk anywhere without his oxygen levels dropping to the late seventies or low eighties. He has had his blue badge for years now as he had two new knees about six or seven years ago. It certainly helps with the parking. It means you will be able to get closer to where you want to be. Hope it all works out for you soon. X

  • hi thank its nice to know your not on your own .

  • Hi Tobydoo sounds like a good visit apart from the stabbing bit of course :p .Im not on oxygen so dont know much in that sense,how you feeling about it? you ok with what they have said and everything. Changes eh hopefully you will feel a bit better with it. Takecare breathe easy now and stay well :) Janexx

  • Ive only been on oxy since Christmas.was scared terrible but with every visit and more info it gets easyer. xx

  • I've had oxygen for 2 years in April, 15 hours minimum but I can have mine overnight. My nurse came on Tuesday and stabbed me in the ear then put it in a machine, apparently they cost £4000 pounds and don't work below a certain temperature so she keeps hers in her case, in a sock, on a babies hot water bottle lmao. She was very good and is trying to get me a second refillable lox flask so I can go out for longer and is sending a HOOF to the oxygen company so that I can have the oxygen piped round the bungalow instead of trailing the tube behind me, now I am just waiting for the council to say okay. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Yoo hoo!!

    The "stab in the ear" was to test for your gas exchanges -- to see if you get rid of the CO2 efficiently or not. If someone is a "CO2 retainer", too much oxygen is really dangerous. It is always good to know that the levels of oxygen you are prescribed are the right ones!!

    Glad that you're so positive about L-TOT. I'm still "just" on ambulatory but heading for L-TOT, I think. Keep smiling


  • This shows how we all differ. I have very severe emphysema but I'm only on 1/2 litre/min for 15 hours.

    I look at supplementary oxygen this way. Normal air has 21% oxygen, which isn't quite enough for some of us, so the extra oxygen just increases the percentage a bit. When I explain it to people like this they don't worry so much.

  • My husband had his blue badge interview at our local library, he didn't need any letters from doctors or anyone else, all they did was ask him what his condition was and if he would be able walk to the top of the road without having to stop, he told her he would not be to, and that was it, she took his photo and said the bade would be sent in the post. We never thought it would be that easy.

  • Good Morning Tobydoo - I heard from a nurse that taking blood from the ear is the most accurate. I am sure you will get the blue badge my husband has had his for over 4 years - it has been a godsend. Lots of love TAD xx

  • I do not understand why you are not allowed to sleep with your oxygen at 1 litre if you are a retainer you would normally be given a 24% or 28% mask overnight. Are you sure you have understood the nurse? Good luck with your Blue badge interview.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • it is very confusing jojam, poster says " I am not allowed to sleep with oxygen any more "

    and also says " I have been put on 1 litre overnight "

    Tobydoo, it is debatable about the blue badge if you provide contradictory information as you had done here.

    Good luck.

  • I missed a word out

  • I missed a word out .

  • what a plonker I am . fancy putting im not allowed when I ment to put I have too sleep with it . I do applogise I should read what I write before posting it . just corrected it should read ok n0w

  • We all make mistakes :-) I was a little confused by your original post. best of luck for Blue badge .

  • No worries tobydoo, typos easily done. ;)

    I would now say you should get the Blue Badge and its good to have the nurse write on your behalf :) Best wishes BC

  • Good luck with the Blue Badge I have had one for a number of years. Please do not try and make out you are fitter than you are in case they do not issue it. Look at the fact that could you walk 20 metres / 66 feet if your O2 ran out?

    Be Well

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