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Seeing my rheumatologist tomorrow

Ive seen respiratory consultant had my CT and DEXA scans ...i havent seen her since before xmas when finished my second lot antibiotics .

What questions would any of you who also have RA ask ? Im sure theres some connection but not sure what how why etc was diagnosed last April but had lung probs four years prior and liver raised alt - which rheumatologist said was definitly inflamation driven .....but no pain in joints at this time just my lunh problems started then and each year have got worse . Any advice appreciatex . Thanks Judith x

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Good luck for today Judith.

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Thank you BC xxx

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Sorry I am unable to be of more help, I have not been diagnosed with RA, but I have often thought back over the years and have . Noticed a few of my historical health issues have been of an inflammatory nature as is my lung condition. X

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Hmm well according to my last chest consultant it didnt!!!!! But it does ....i will let you know what she says. Its a bit coincidence that my liver was elavated the same time as my lung started and then diagnosed with RA last year and this year lungs been worst ever . Of course im not a specialist but my new chest consultant said its a possibility its connected xxxx so you just never know

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