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Hi Guys just an update.Mattcass

To myself I am quietly praying the new meds are working this is the 4th week i have not had a Flare Up, This time last year i was told that the meds i am on now were not available to me because of my Lung problems what a difference a year makes, Just to see the smile on Frans face says enough for me. Matt

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Big Congratulations Matt, so happy for you and Fran :)

Hi BC, Thank You Fran says Hi.matt

That's great fingers crossed this works long term for you.

polly xx

Hi Polly, Thank You very Much.Matt

Awww, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, I'm so pleased,feeling positive for you :) x

Hi H/P Feeling a bit positive myself, Matt

Hi Stitch, Here's hoping it's the start of something good. Lungs are taking care of themselves unless I get carried away with my excersises.Thx matt

That is fantastic news for both you and Fran x

Hi Chell. Thank You Very Much.Matt

Here's hoping it's the start of something that gets better and better. If Fran is smiling all must be right with your world. :)

Hi Toci, I see everything from a different prospective that's for sure.Matt

That's excellent for you Matt. It's a pity you couldn't have started the drugs a year earlier and saved a lot of pain but at least now you are on the right track. x

Hi there Matt such great news to read this about you iam truly made up for you and Fran ofcourse tis the worst thing to see someone you love suffer so much,feel so helpless.A huge weight lifted happy days indeed to you both. :) Janexx

Great news Mattcass and so pleased for you and the lovely Fran. Hope you continue to be well. Take care and lots of love to you both. xxxxxx

Great news as you say fingers crossed the drugs are the right ones with NO extra side effects. good luck to both of you Trish

Great news, Fingers crossed and everything els. take care Nannyb xx

Keep up the good work, I'm sure it will all work out for you.

David 1968

Wonderful,wonderful news,for you& Fran,so happy to hear it.

Keep up the good work,you both so deserve it! xxxx

So pleased to read your post. Now we just need the weather to improve and there'll be no stopping you! Take care xx

That's great,lovely cheer up news for you both, Take care.xx

Fantastic long may it continue. TAD xxx

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