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When I am getting very breathless I find pursed lip breathing does not seem to expel the trapped air from my lower lungs, which then builds up leading to hyperventilation and panic. I have found though that breathing out hard, steadlily and as from low down the lungs as possible then taking a normal breath in seems to do the trick much more efficiently. I thought I'd pass this on as it may work for someone else. It's all trial and error and what works for one person may not always work for another. Good luck! Andy

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May try this Andy as I feel I am Blowing and Blowing sometimes and getting nowhere.

hi ya good morning . that's just how I do it . didn't get any where with pursed lips bit . I have oxy nurse coming round today . I asked so many questions I didn't get all the right awnsers . wife and daughters are being there two

There are some exhalent breathing techniques on you tube!

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Gosh, please don't do it if it hurts. Maybe you are trying to hard, but it shouldn't hurt and you shouldn't have to gasp in fast. Maybe try rick's suggestion of looking at techniques on You Tube. Andy

Andy, I have been doing it 'your' way for a couple of years and agree it works much better.

I am going to try it because I also find that pursed lip breathing doesn't always work when I am very breathless but is does help to calm me down and when I am active to keep the oxygen level up.

Yep you got it andymb me to,ive never mention it was worried to say anything incase of saying the wrong thing to people.Glad you've posted about it would seem there are several of us that practise this way as you say for some we are all different,we all try what we can to help ourselves in those horrid moments.Thanks Andy. :) Janexx

When I take my walks outside I find I do the same thing - it helps to breath in and out threw my mouth. If I try to do the pursed lip breathing, I can barely catch my breath.

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I'm the same Janie, I'm a mouth breather. Almost as soon as I walk outside in the cold weather, my nose starts running, so nasal breathing is nigh on impossible!

tweetbird65 in reply to initial

Same here and same with the runny nose. I think I mouth breath at least some of the time I'm sleeping because when I wake I feel sort of tight and have to take a couple death breaths then I'm ok.

Hi andy, Is that what they are going to ask me to do, when I go to the Hospital for breathing. I will give it a try, Thanks Nannyb xx

andymb in reply to nannyb

HI nannyb, you will probably do all sorts of breathing tests at the hospital using different ways of breathing, short, sharp breaths and long slow breath, forceful breaths, all connected to computers which measure the results. I did one in front of a monitor where I had to breath into a tube to "blow" a cartoon character over a river to the other side. Needless to say, the little fella kept dropping in the river half way across when I ran out of breath, lol. You won't be asked to do anything where you might struggle or causes distress though. Hope your results come out good nannyb. Andy

nannyb in reply to andymb

Hi Andy, Thank you, Hope I'm in good form when I go, or the little fella will be drowning. I don't go for a couple weeks yet, but will post how I get on. Thanks again nannyb xx

I find that two out and one in works best for me !


Glad you brought this up Andy..and judging from the replies so are others. Pursed- lipped breathing, well, it's helped very little and I often thought this was peculiar to me as I've ended up almost gasping when applying it. Breathing in and out through the mouth initially works far better and helps me gain a bit better control faster.

Lovelight x

Andy good post. Meant to say this yesterday. My SATs return so much quicker using this method as opposed to the pursed lip breathing. I suppose it's a bit like this condition, we've all got it, but although there are similarities, we all find different coping methods :) x

Am glad this has been useful to some of you and to see that some of you already use this method - what I want to know is why you didn't tell me about it sooner? Lol! Andy.

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