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This device, a plastic unit that uses different levels of resistance to inhalling and exhalling was prescribed to me by the speech therapist to improve my breathing and to bring up mucus. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and it seems to work. However it is somewhat expensive for what it is as are 2 similar items on Amazon. Luckily Medicare paid for it. Has anyone else used something like it?

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  • Are you talking about the Acapella drd?


  • No. I think the Capella is just for exhaling, right?

  • Sorry I missed out the inhaling bit..... doh! Yes the Acapella is for exhalation to vibrate the mucus and aid clearance. Not seen the Breather - do you have a piccie or link?



    The distributor is Allegro Medical in the US. You can find it in the UK on Google (not in the US Google!)

  • Thank you hun. cx

  • I use one of these. It can be used to breathe in or breathe out and is adjustable. Quite cheap as well but does the job.

  • What you have is a different device but the same principle I think.

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