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BLF Nurses are Brill

Went to see my BLF Nurse (Nichola Lowe)yesterday and would just like to say she is brilliant, she is helpful, listens to what you say, is informative and gives good advice as to what to do(I assume all the other BLF nurses are too).Unlike some of the responses and attitudes you get from some consultants?.

Yes everyone is quick to criticise these days, but I always believe we should not forget to give praise to those who deserve it. well done BLF

PS- the BLF have a booklet called 'You and your COPD, Self Management Plan' and is very informative and answers a lot of questions raised on this site.

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Sounds really good Plumbob. How do you get to see a BLF Nurse? I thought they were only on the other end of the telephone (As in Red baloons helpline)


Hi ptliverpool - My doctor made me an appointment with them for me, but I suppose you could contact them directly. They have that little bit more time to sit and explain your condition and they go through matters which may have concerns about, I have see mine a couple of times and each time I come away with a little bit more knowledge and a little less stressed.As I said before the booklet that BLF produce is quite informative.

'There like a breath of fresh air' !!!



Yes your right there Plumbob we have become a nation of moaners.It is good to praise and acknowledge those that do good by us and there are many,Glad your experience was a happy successful one.Happy days :) Janexx


Agree entirely


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