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Foods to boost your mood

An article By Karen Gordon, health journalist

Eating a healthy diet is not only good for your physical health – but what you eat can have a significant impact on your mental wellbeing.

More and more evidence is coming to light which shows that what you eat affects how you feel. And your diet can alter your metabolism and brain chemistry, ultimately affecting your energy level and mood.

We reveal the best foods that can help boost your mood.

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Lots more reading and tips from the old faithful google web search (be selective in what you want to read) but there are some good articles listed for those who want to spend time reading about mood and food. :


From the link above ...

Scroll down a bit for a pdf download from BDA the British Dietician Association

and a little further down for link to Mind.org.uk about mood and food.

Then there is celery :) which I use a lot in my casseroles, stews, home made chunky vegetable soups, here is a link with recipe from a Good Mood Food Blog:


Enjoy and have many Good Mood Food days :)

Best BC

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We are what we eat (Mc Ds :-( ) A long term illness affecting physical health impacts on mental health be the best you can be no reason for breaking the budget on groceries.

The NHS investigated the myths around superfoods motleyhealth.com/diet-and-n...


Always there will be people who gravitate toward the negatives and always there will be people who gravitate toward the positives. My view is the latter is much more helpful to health :)

If something is not working try to find something that does :)

Lots of good positives on your link I see :) thanks for sharing :)


Hi BlakeyC, Thanks for the links, I certainly need the information, as I am terrible for not eating properly. Thanks again Nannyb xx


You are welcome Nannyb, the right food is so important for good health and good mood, wishing you lots of happies always BC


My appetite needs encouragement at the moment, BC. I am reading your info with interests - thanks very much x


Welcome Pergola x


a big bar of chocolate makes me happy



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small bar of choclate my apetite is off at the moment

hope your appetite is improved soon EricHunt

Hi BlakeyC,

Thanks for this advice - very helpful. I'm still new here but glad I had a chance to read your post already.

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Welcome peterthomas1980 :) Check BLF Pages also Eating well for healthier lungs :


Pleased to see you here :)

Best wishes BC

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