How does everyone else cope with that time when you have had enough and wamt to give up ?

. I have had asthma bronciectasis copd and emphasema for. 60 years .nebulisers o2 various tablets and steroids non stop for over 20 years have taken there toll. I have no immune system and also give myself infusions weekly to keep infecctions at bay. I have wonderfull family and friends. But just feeling bit. Pissed (scuse language ) off. ! District matron wonderfull. But feel really low at moment. Any advice

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  • Hi Sue 48 the only thing I can tell you is we all feel like that here from time to time. This site is the answer for you in ways as you can chat to people who really understand the way you feel. Chin up chick keep posting. X

  • Thanks will do. We all in same boat arent we....just sometimes you think you on your own......isnt it awfull when you feel sorry fir your self. Better day tomorro eh. !!

  • It's not awful it's reality. Better day tomorrow is right and if not they'll be other days. X

  • Hi Sue 48, sorry you are feeling so down, this weather is not helping much is it !, will be glad when summer comes, "come on sue " you must have better things to think about that will brighten up your day. whats your hobbies ? if you dont have any why dont we think of some you can ponder over. Malk.

  • Evening Sue, Sorry you are feeling low, I get low quite often usually when my brain tells me I can do something, then reminded by my body that I cannot. I think we all have different ways of getting back on track. I keep things bottled up at home, all ways saying I'm fine when I am not. I don't go anywhere other than for a medical appointment, but this morning I decided that I was going to get taxi to Aldi, My husband said who is going with you, so I said that I was going on my own and if I fall down somebody will pick me up, and off I went. Totally shattered after the little outing, but feeling better for having gone somewhere other than these four walls. I think we should get together and have a good scream and shout, second thoughts scrap that, we would probably end up coughing and out of breath. I have probably been no use to you at all, other than to take your mind off how you feel for just a few mins. Hope you soon find your mojo and get back on track. Take care Nannyb xx

  • Sue, dont despair which is what i am tempted to do at the moment. I have stress issues, health (haven't we all), husband's health and a blinking house move. One step at a time with all this. Depression and negativity aint far away, but busy myself. I have to say that this forum is a wonderful place to be, just great and it has helped me. So,you aren't alone. xxxx

  • I think we all feel this way at times. I blame the winter for much of my low mood. Roll on Spring!

  • Hiya Sue, I'm really sorry you're feeling so low. All I can offer is to say, one hour at a time, one day at a time. It's hard when you're feeling rubbish with little to look forward to but I do hope you feel a bit of a lift soon . Kind regards, Peeg

  • Well howdy there Sue

    We're get you through

    So today is bad

    Your feeling sad

    Come chat with us

    We listen,care and make no fuss

    We're in the same boat

    Come sit,take off your coat

    Chat for a while

    We might just make you smile :) :) :)


  • Thank you everyone for your careing posts.. we,re all in the same boat arent.we....bad days and better days. ..well sun is shining and and another day is here. !

  • Hi Sue, for me its looking at my grandchildren and know I will want to see them grow for another year. My consultant has given me less than a year, but I keep my own council and will try to prove them wrong.anyway that's me honey, we will have ups and downs as long as the ups out weight the downs your winning. Take care

  • Thank you for you words of encouragement..i am so sorry about your prognosis .you sound a strong person and i hope you prove the buggers wrong. ! Grandchildren are a constant reminder of what you have acheived in your life and how far you have come. .how old are they. Mine are 14 and 20. . I wish you well and pray you have as much time as you wish for. Xx

  • Thanks Sue, my grand children are 2 5 7 9 and 14 yrs, staying strong is the easy option for me, can't cope with the other, if I stay positive the family do too how ever we are also realistic about the future. Take care Ros (I am 66yrs).

  • Hi Sue, sorry your feeling so low, we all get like that sometimes, its part of the illness, so frustrating when we can't do all the things we used to, take care and keep your pecker up.

    Best Wishes to you xx


  • Hi Sue, I do lots of things to help me stay focussed on being as well as I can, simple things that I am in control of, things that I know have helped me previously and things I have faith in.

    Avoid watching the news, and reading doom and gloom stuff at these times.

    Play your favourite music, enjoy some comedy on You tube, a dvd, tv etc.

    If you enjoy the garden, watch gardening and wild life programmes, visit bbc gardening site.

    If you have a blender, give your self a real boost with a real health fix it smoothie, fruit, green leaf, honey, live yoghurt, ground wheatgerm, flax seed etc. Diet is so important, if you don't have a blender try to eat some good nutritious food, to help lift your mood. there is food for mood.

    If you are able, walk out daily or even just into the garden, wrap up warm and don't stay out too long if its cold.

    Not sure if you are house bound or you can get out to have coffee with a friend or invite a friend over for coffee.

    Treat your self to some pampering at home or at a salon. Get yourself a new garment or expensive shampoo.

    Just do the things you enjoy doing. Distract yourself from the thoughts that dull your mood.

    Hope you are soon feeling better.

  • In 2010, i was very low and very ill. On top of that, my wife is affected with a very troublesome bipolar and has been taken to hospital long term.In hospital myself, I started crying in front of my consultant. he referred me to a psychiatrist (I even shrunk about that fact, but I thought it's better to have some help that just shrink!). The psychiatrist prescribed me some Mirtazapine, an antidepressant which is not addictive. She told me it would make me hungry (which I needed to regain the lost weight), i would make me sleep at night and it would help with my mood by toning it down and feeling more sanguine about my situation.

    It did help. I weaned myself off it now, but sometimes you need that help indeed.

    Now exercises have taken over to give me a boost.

    But I do know that sometimes the body is tired and transmit this fedupism. If you can, sleep. If you still feel this way, don't hesitate to see your doctor about it. because, even with advanced COPD, Life is good!

  • How are you today Sue? :)

  • I know how you feel I'm 37 and have had asthma since 4 years old they just seem to change your steroids and inhalers.

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