I joined here because my father has a lung condition no one will give it a specific name but he has one lung smaller than the other and both lungs are covered in scarring. It came to a head over Christmas and now he struggles to walk even short distances without losing his breath or talking without stopping to catch his breath. We have been told that it won't get better only worse but not much else and as a family we are a bit at sea to be honest. So many unanswered questions and not sure who to go to. I also want to raise some money for research into lung conditions but bit stuck on ideas. I don't know was hoping to find some people in the same boat to talk to, no one else knows what to say.

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welcome warmers, you have come to the right place. There are so many caring people who can help you. You haven't mentioned any specific treatment that your father is receiving, or further care. It would be a good idea to ring the BLF nurse for advice. See "about us" blue bar. Would pulmonary rehabilitation to help his mobility and breathing. You could if you could attend as a carer. A lot of information is giving about coping with lung conditions. You need to talk to your GP about this.

Go to the BLF home page to find out about donations and suitable phone nos. Wish you well with everything. x

Evening Warmers, I don't think I can add any more than what pergola has said. I can only say Welcome and hope you manage to get your questions answered. All the best Nannyb xx

Hi confused has your Dad been to see a consultant if not tell G.P that's what you want if he has go back and demand to know what's wrong. I looked after my Mum for quite some time and I always asked questions. I can relate with what your going through as a family I wish I'd of had this site then. Be strong.x

Yeah he see's a consultant regularly for this and he has arthritis so goes for that as well.. He's a bit stubborn so the only one he let's go with him is my mum. So we as his kids have no real access to finding out the answers we want.

Have you tried having a word with Mum. You could always suggest to your Mum what to ask.

Hello Warmers, welcome to the site,I'm sorry about your Dad and hope you get some answers soon.

Try writing your questions down and asking your mum to give it to the consultant. i agree with the previous posts about pulmonary rehab. It shows that exercise in any way, helps with the symptoms and he will also learn alternative ways to help overcome breathlessness and other useful stratagies. One word of encouragement, we all have one lung bigger than the other...the reason being is that your heart nestles into one lung more than the other. Good luck, keep encouraging him.

Hi Warmers13. Welcome. I think I would be asking questions. I think you need to either talk to his Dr or Consultant. It's always best to know what your dealing with. As the others said I would get your Mum to ask. I always ask all the questions with my Husband. He would sit back and let the world go by otherwise. When you know what is wrong there is always someone on here that can answer most of your questions. Hope that helps.

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