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Having had to change gp, been left the area for 4years, On my oxygen ass Thursday ,needed to give my new address, so told had to change, I had been there for 30 years, and all was good from doctors to receptionists, so rang my local surgery, pressed 4 on the phone for all other inquires waited 6 minutes then was cut off tried, press 2 for nurse appointment waited 4 minutes, receptionist answered, said I new I had come through to wrong no so said I had waited 6 minutes and got cut off, and I needed to register, she said we have 1700 patients and didn't I know it was Monday morning, So then I asked if any docs specialised in respiratory problems, answer was they are all general but the best would be Dr...... but he only worked 2 days a week, and as it was a teaching surgery they all change. I had never heard of a teaching/ training surgery, along with short receptionist, I have tried another practice , but they say I am out of the area, oh dear........ Didn't I just find out it was Monday morning!!

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My surgery is also a training practice , and I have been told to avoid Monday or Friday unless urgent.

How far out of the catchment area for your original GP are you? If you speak with your actual GP, they may agree to let you stay with them as long as you don't want house calls. That's what happened with me. If you check the NHS site you'll be able to see what areas GPs cover. Hope you get sorted soon. Regards Kat

Hi junespoon I've been with the same surgery 38yrs none of the original doctors left they moved further away and out of my catchment area I had a word with one of the G.Ps and told them I felt confident under their care and didn't want to change. They kept me on. I very rarely have a home visit if needs be I ask for a phone consultation and it works very well. Hope this helps. X

Oh dear! This has got me thinking. I am in the middle of a move, and will have to approach the new health centre. Ah - maybe an idea to ring the new one to put my mind at rest. I always thought they were obliged to accept you. My new destination seems to have one one anyway and the local population is old, so I should n't have to wait too long?

Hi June, what an ordeal, in some practices you cannot seem to get past receptionists at all, with out them being high handed. At our surgery if your new, you have to go and fill an form in and they give you an appointment when you give them the form back. I hope you have better luck than you have had up to now. Nannyb xx

Hi there. Could almost be me writing your post and I've been with my surgery for nearly 40 years! It's gradually grew over the years from a one GP surgery, (no nurses then), to a practice with 14 GPs, several trainee GPs, nurses, clinics and specialists clinics. And yes it does have an operations room for minor surgery! And yes, it does have the kind of receptionists you talk about. I have often left hanging on for 20 minutes before I could speak to someone to make an appointment. We can wait up to 2 weeks to see the GP of our choice. With copd that is not an option. Seems like it's Monday and Friday every day there. Progress does not always mean progress. I wish I could have my old surgery and doc back!

Sorry to rant on as you were just complaining about the receptionists but you hit a cord. I do hope you find that it is a nice surgery after all and it was just a bad morning. You don't need hassle with copd. Good luck Junespoon. Sara

Thanks for that Sara, yep my old Doc was good, and so were the receptionist always polite, they didn't know me,by name as it was also a large practice, but never sharp,and I have never had to wait 4mins,I worked many years with the elderly, and quite sure I was never rude or sharp, may have thought something! but treated all with respect, do these people not get any training nowadays, Wow I am showing my age....feel better now.x

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