Alive and well from Old Trafford

Had a busy couple of days sorting back yard after the storm. My daughter Abby (my youngest) moved down South to Reading on Friday so stayed at mine on Thursday I'm storing all her stuff so we had all that to put away. Felt a bit down in the dumps cos I don't know when I'm going to see her next. I'd even managed to depress the Schnauzer poor Eric so didn't want to foist myself on you lot. Hope everyone is as good as they can be on this Monday morning. X

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  • Hi Stitch just had a look at those stones very colourful they'd brighten up any garden. Nice to see lots of newbies too.

  • Good to see you're back Steph. You sure had some wild weather there!

    Sara x

  • Hi Sara the rain wasn't as bad as most places but the wind was shocking. I feel like I've been gone ages there's that much gone on. How's you. X

  • Hi Steph, Good to see you back. Just glanced at your post earlier today. Hope you are adjusting to missing your baby. It's so hard isn't it. Mine have flown the coup for quite a few years now and the older they get the more they keep in touch so that's something. Glad to know you are not swilling the floodwaters out the door! Sara xx

  • Hi Sara i know as mums we live in hope most of the time I suspect. I know she'll keep in touch but it's not the same as seeing her just to make sure. He! He! You know what I mean they can tell us anything on the phone and it's mostly what they think we want to hear. X

  • Cheer up Steph,Eric will look after you! Just look forward to when you'll see your daughter again,it's always sad,when they first leave,especially the youngest,but life goes on!

    Take care,love & hugs xxx

  • Thanks Wendells comforting words as always. This sounds mad but Abby Is 32 and has left home and come back more times than I care to recall but since my husband died 16yrs ago it's just been me and the 3 kids Abby is the first one to move that far away also I call her the squeaky wheel cos I have to keep oiling her as in helping her out. If i didn't have this damn illness it wouldn't be such a problem. X

  • Glad to see you steph, It's sad when your children leave. Chin up I'm sure if your like me, you will be on the phone every day. Nannyb xx

  • Hi Nannyb we will be in contact lots but it's not the same is it. She might not like it and come home anyway there again she might have made the best decision and I've fretted for no good reason. Mothers eh! X

  • Aw I live in Reading.....its really quite nice , well usually is when its not so wet lol.

  • Hi LittleUsker you better look out for her then. He! He! I've been to Reading and I know it's ok but it's not round the corner from My house. Abby said it's very wet too. X

  • Hi steph, No it's not the same. My daughter moved to hull couple years ago, My other children and sisters and brother live on the estate where I live. I don't think we ever stop worrying as mothers. Take care Nannyb xx

  • Lovely to see you back Steph. I have missed your humour. :)

  • Thanks Toci I missed my humour to I looked everywhere over the weekend and couldn't find the b....r anywhwere.

  • :D

  • Not seen longlungs aka jane today I read her postings from yesterday wow she was a busy woman.

  • Hi there Steph good to see your back you have been missed for sure.Yes when they move out but stay local seems less painful cos their only over to speak.Poor Eric love him I bet he's wondering 'whys mum not so happy,I'll just stay quiet and see what happens' :) Thats why we is here to help each other when we are fedup, a little flat, not well, and suffering greatly, or feeling your spirits lifted by someones joke,recovery,strength ,a good story,beautiful poetry,lovely pictures,all is as important as the next our Steph. :) Janexx

  • Ha! Ha! There you are jane we must of been posting at the same time. Great minds hey. X

  • Haha how funny yes great minds thats us kiddo :D Janexx

  • My giddy aunt you had a very good day it was good to read. I bet you and Bailey slept well. X

  • Yes although iwas very late to snuggle it must have taken at least a minute to be in lala land wonderful.It was a very lovely sunny day had my mrs mop hat on all day :p A more sedate day today :) Janexx

  • A well earned rest I would say Jane. X

  • Could easily have stayed there all day but I resisted haha.:) Janexx

  • Know how you feel, Steph. I have had so many separations since a very young age. The biggest one was my sister going to the US. Or the one when my mother went into hospital when i was a toddler, for 2 years (TB) It left me with a bit of a phobia about people away which they have every right to do. Now i am doing it to be near my daughter. I grew up in Reading - it was a good place. love pergola x

  • Thanks Pergola I know what you mean. When is your moving date. X

  • Good to hear you are ok xxxx

  • Hi Tigershay glad to be back lots to catch up on missed loads. Xx

  • Glad your back

  • Hi Riverbank glad your glad I'm back so am i

  • Well it's time for the best meds of the day me thinks a vodi and a bounty!

  • After being off the site for a couple of days cos I wasn't very good company I could kick myself up the a..e now cos I feel better today for coming back to my mates. I also think the 2 vodkas and the bounty I've had over the last few hours has helped to this end. He! He!

  • Hi jimmy it's Steph I've been back all day re- post. Hope you've been behaving yourself while I've been gone. Xx

  • Going to watch F.B.I files now then get a grip of Eric and go bed it's exhausting listening to you lot. He! He!

  • Hi Lola welcome. This is a great site to be on good people to chat to and to ask questions of. You can have a bit of a giggle too witch is always a good thing.

  • Hi Wendells how are you today. It's a sunny morning in Old Trafford so I'm feeling better over Abby not being here ( I'm a fickle mother) I spoke to her last night and she's good. X

  • Hi Steph,glad you're starting to feel better over Abby's absence,txs to modern technology,we can stay in touch more easily.!

    Just waiting for the new episode of winners & losers,dont know if you get it there,I love it! xx

  • Not sure if we do get it Wendells is it a soap by any chance? X

  • Yes an Aussie soap! New season just started a couple of weeks ago!

  • Sorry I'm the wrong person to tell you if we get that Wendells I don't watch any of the soaps at all. I miss out on loads of conversations cos my kids and friends do. They were all talking about Hailey last week and Roy over my head it went. Xx

  • Glad you survived the storm ok Steph :)

  • Hi BlakeyC it'll take more than a storm to get rid of me burning is the only way as in witches. How's you? X

  • Everyone has different reactions to any drug my antibiotics no no is Euthramysine I know I've spelt it wrong I was given it in hospital when I had pneumonia I reacted that bad I nearly ended up I I. C. U yet I know people that rate them. Such is the nature of individuals!

  • Got some things to do so in the words of Arnie I'll be back. Laters. X

  • Well I'm going to watch some tv and go to bed. Sweet dreams one and all when you submit to the sandman. X

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