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I use a nebulizer for an albuterol solution. Can I use it for a saline solution as I have read about on this site?

Do you need a prescription for the saline solution or can you make it yourself. If so, how? I always carefully clean the nebulizer device (except for the tube) so there is no problem with contamination. I have a salt pipe but have not used it recently.

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Hi drd4,

I'm afraid not, you need your consultants ok. I had to have supervised trial run with my resp. physiotherapist and on her recommendation the consultant sent a letter to my doctor and I now get my nebules on prescription. The salt used in the solution is of a pharmaceutical grade and the water is sterile not just tap water. I don't know how other people get on but it takes me at least an hour a night I first have use a salbutamol nebule to open my airways and then start using the saline solution taking a few intakes of mist at a time and then coughing the mucus up from my lungs, it's not a easy option and can be very tiring.

Sorry if this is not a very positive reply, but I had tried other methods of moving mucus from my lungs and they did not work very well for me.




I telephoned and asked the practise nurse if she could give my husband a prescription - it was as easy as that! Good luck and he does find it useful especially if he has an infection. TAD xx


Thanks for your prompt reply. Since I live in the US, we don't have practice nurses assigned to you. I will ask my pulmonologist for a prescription.


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