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Any Suggestions on Oxygen for Holiday?

OK. I use Ambulatory Oxygen at a rate of 5 litres. This is via Liquid Oxygen.

There us a possibility of me going (with my husband & a bus load of other Former Members of the Territorial Army) to Ostend later this year.

This is to visit some of the War Graves, The Menin Gate and Ypes and would be for (I think) 4 nights.

Do any of you know how difficult it would be to arrange a tank of Liquid Oxygen be delivered to the Hotel in Ostend?

Would I be allowed to use my own small Companion Cylinder on the coach. Again, this is Liquid of course.

I realize I would need to organise the Oxygen myself as my supplier won't arrange it for me.

Would I have to pay for the Oxygen or are we covered by our EU Membership (I would have my own insurance for the trip).

There must be other questions I need to ask, but can't think of anything just yet.


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Your oxygen provider will be able to answer your questioned regarding supplying equipment .

You will have to contact the coach firm with regards to their policy, as there is two elements, one carrying oxygen and two using oxygen.

It as been left to each individual transport company to decide on their own policy.

Could. You hire a portable unit which will resolve all issues, as there is no restrictions, on approved portable units.

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Trouble is, the portable units don't deliver the Oxygen at the rate I need. They might go up to setting 5, but this doesn't equate to 5 litres. I know, as I had to stop using portable earlier last year.


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I am not-suggesting this is the answer, but the following goes to 6lpm,

Plus the amount per breath can be increased, one for the

future maybe,

They have brought a new model series's 5

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I have just had a very interesting phone call from a lovely lady about the Sequal concentrator.

I don't know what you all think, but I feel the prices quoted to me are very good.

For the weekend, it will cost me £190 - this price covers for one week.

For two weeks I have been quoted £240

We need to have our dates confirmed, but I have already decided I will use them for both going to Ostend and Southern Ireland.

Thank you so much Stone for suggesting I contact this company.

It turns out, this company supplies concentrators to our Oxygen Suppliers if/when they decide to offer them to patients.


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Glad I could assist, if this gives you the freedom to go and enjoy your trips go for it.

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That seems a good price and sounds ideal for your holiday. I hope it works out well and you enjoy your trip. Let us know how you get on.

Jan :-)

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I will let you know how things pan out Jan.


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Update on the concentrator I hired for your holidays.

It was good and did the job of delivering 5litres of Oxygen - BUT - it was heavy to pull.

I was supplied with two batteries but they were only able to be charged when attached to the concentrator (a previous concentrator I had enabled me to charge the spare battery just by plugging it into a socket).

The battery was also heavy to carry as a spare.

The delivery and collection of the concentrator was excellent. I can't fault Pure O2 for this.

I have decided I won't use this again though, but only because I found it too heavy.

your o2 company will help. As to the coach I don't know, but national express coaches allow you to take o2 and use it and provide a holder so other firms must as well

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Mmm, National Express didn't supply a holder for me when we have used their coaches before.

I will keep this in mind if we ever book them again.

Were you seated at the front of the coach to make it easier to accommodate a holder?


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Oops! Sorry, it was National Holidays we used, not National Express.


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Just ring a week before travel, book the front seat and tell them you will be using O2.

Thank you Stone.

This looks promising. I might phone for cost tomorrow as I know my own supplier does not use this concentrator.

It might even be worth thinking about this for a two week holiday we are having in July.


Well, I haven't waited until tomorrow. I phoned them a short while ago but they were unable to give me any price there and then!

They have my details and I will get a call back either later today or tomorrow morning. Will keep you all informed as I am sure there are others who would like to know more.


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If they can't help try Smile Rehab, they hire out portable concentrators for holidays.

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Thank you Toci. It all depends on what the charges are!!! lol


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They were really good when I contacted them. I hired one for a fortnight and then when I decided to buy they knocked the hire costs off the price. Lovely people who many recommend. Good luck. xx

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