Hospitals, Flooded Rivers, a Congested Bridge and my Mums Broken Wrist. What a week!!

Hospitals, Flooded Rivers, a Congested Bridge and my Mums Broken Wrist. What a week!!

Monday started with the news that there was only 1 river bridge open at Worcester due to flooding and I needed to get over it and back as I had a spirometry booked. The traffic was a nightmare but we got there. What really bothered me was I had to do it all again the next day. Well we did and I thought that would be it for the week but oh no! On Thursday night I was tucked up in bed and just nodding off when the phone rang, it was my 80 year old mum, she had fallen and thought she may have broken her wrist as she was a lot of pain and her arm was badly swollen.

I got myself sorted as quickly as my lungs would allow, jumped in the car and drove to her place about a mile away.

I took one look at her wrist and it was obvious something was amiss so off we went over that river bridge again to Worcester Hospital A&E. At least the traffic was non existent at 1 oclock in the morning and when we arrived the waiting room looked fairly quite. We checked in and waited 3 long hour's but eventually we were sent to X ray and then we got to see the Doctor. She confirmed what we feared, it was a classic break and they would put a temporary plaster cast on it.

We were then taken in to the plaster casting room where the doctor gave my mum a pain killing injection and handed her the laughing gas.

First the bones had to be realigned so the doctor and a nurse pulled on mums hand while another nurse put the plaster cast on.

My mum was amazing through it all, I found it hard just watching. The nurses then decided that they would keep mum for the rest of the night and would phone me when she had a proper cast put on next morning.

It was 7 oclock am when I got home and I was struggling to keep my eye's open by now so I went straight to bed as the rest of my family were getting up for work.

Later that day I fought my way back through the traffic cue's, over that dam bridge to the hospital, collected Mum and then back over that dam bridge again to Malvern.

Its been a hell of a week and I am well knackered so I've switched all the phone's off and locked all the doors and I'm not coming out for a some time. :)

Oh yes Mums doing fine but being a busy 80 year old she's going to go crazy while not being able to get out and about in her car.

Me well I'm just praying I don't have to go over that blummin bridge again for a while.

Tony. Tread carefully Healthunlockeders and avoid those A&Es there very busy.

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  • Well, Dall05, you live life in the fast lane or rather the slow bridge. I cant help my naff wit. I read your account and sympathised with you. I hope your Mum is getting used to her fractured wrist. But your sense of humour keeps you going.

  • Its lucky I have that sense of humor, otherwise they would have had to find a bed for me or maybe a straight jacket and a padded cell. :) . When I returned over that bridge at 6.30 am the tail back of traffic going to work was already at least 2 miles long and moving very slow. Thank god I was going the other way and my side of the road leaving Worcester was clear.

    The trouble is I knew what was waiting when I returned later to pick up mum. :(

  • Eve Dall, You certainly have had a week of it. by the looks of that river, you be better off with a boat. Glad everything turned out well in the end, and your mum is fine. Hope you get a good rest and don't have to go out again in hurry.

    Take care Nannyb xx

  • I really could have done with one of those amphibian vehicles couldn't I. Mums doing fine thanks. xx

  • All the exercise paid off you can keep up with mum its better than sitting at home worrying how the hospital are looking after loved ones. Here is hoping a quieter routine this week for both of you.


  • Hopefully I won't see another river bridge for sometime to come. I've told mum to go very very careful from now on. Your right though about the exercise, its got me fit enough to do crazy stuff like rushing off to hospital in the middle of the night. There was a time that would have been impossible but even though I can do it now I do pay later with getting very tired.

    I'm not complaining though, I thank my lucky stars. :) xx

  • Tony, you are becoming a bit of a show off. First you defy all odds in intensive care, then lose a truck-load of weight and fight your way back to being fit enough for a transplant and then set new world records on your treadmill. But not content with that, you are now 'Superman to the rescue' for your poor mum!

    I hope she feels better soon and that you get some much needed down time. :) x

  • ps If you can't tell, this was written with my tongue firmly in my cheek and no offence was intended. :P

  • Ha Ha Toci, no worries I loved it. In fact I must dig out my superman T shirt and build a few more bridges to Worcester just in case eh' xx

  • Toci, dont apologise, be yourself!!

  • Hey Toci, keep talking your making me feel good. I know what your saying though and I also know that I couldn't have done any of those things without the help of a massive back up team.

    I look back to where it all went pair shaped with my lungs and see where I am now and realise I have been extremely lucky. Even though I'm running on 1/3 rd lung power I'm a very happy man, is there something wrong with me or what. :)

  • Not much wrong as far as I can see. :) Enough now, you will have a swelled head! Ask your missus to bring you down a peg or two. :)

  • Missus has done the trick, this morning I've been peeling spuds and emptying the bins.

    Toilet cleaning is probably next :(

    Healthunlockeders are far more kind to me :) 'que the violins'

  • You stay away from the toilets you know what happened the last time,MC

  • Too right MC, me, my lungs and Domestos fumes dont mix well :)

    Must remind Sharon about that, don't do toilets He He.

  • ;)

  • Just what I was thinking Toci, Our Tony, Superhero. :D

  • Its great to be useful again, ok my breathing isn't the best when on the move but what the hek'. The sun is shinning and I'm still smiling. :)

    Still think my talents are being wasted today peeling spuds. Not a good image for a wanna be super hero eh'

  • Peeling the spuds is pretty heroic Tony ;)

  • The washing up is even more bor oops heroic and that'll be mine too.

  • I was actually thinking that I had not 'seen' you about Dall and hoped you were OK..when all the while you were braving the wilds and riding the bridges

    Glad all is well now

  • Thanks Sohara, its been quite a week and I'm paying for it now. Being action man take its toll it seems in the mind and on the body.

    As you say, all is well now and that's what counts. :)

  • So that's where you were! Things don't happen by halves to you Tony, do they. Glad you and your Mum are both okay though. We were just about to send out an alert for you!

    And I echo all of the above replies. You must have an angel by your side or my Mum used to say, 'The angels are on your side'.

  • But of course you do have an angel by your side anyway.

  • That's a nice thought Sara, Its amazing what you can do when the chips are down and maybe I had a little help from somewhere. xx

  • Is that all ! Haha busy,busy,busy Tony,no rest for the wicked :p. Im glad for the good ending i thought you were going to say the the bridge collapsed with you on it and that once out the car you used the oxygen tank to whizz you to shore.Think I watch to much telly :p. You obviously come from good strong stock Tony ,your mum is she ok and coping with one arm only? Alls good in the Malverns for Tony and fam.Enjoy a bit of me time youve well and truely earned it. :) Janexx

  • Lucky for me the bridge is still standing , even though I cursed it at time's I'm glad its there or things would have been quite tricky.

    I'll look at my rocket oxygen tank very differently now, maybe I should make a short action movie for you to watch on that crazy TV of yours Ha Ha.

    Mums doing all right thanks Jane, luckily she's right handed and its her left wrist that's broken. You have to take the positives from these things don't you.

    Fingers crossed for a quiet week next week eh Jane. xx

  • Oh my goodness,you do like living in the fast lane!

    Easy to see where your resilience comes from! Good old Mum!

    Do hope it's not too frustrating for her,anyway tuck yourself up,in your hidey hole,& answer to no man or beast! xxx

  • Ps loved the photo,maybe the local news should employ you!!

  • It would be great to get back on a pay roll again as benefit payments are not as good as some people think. :) . xxx

  • Throttle's hard to the floor, trouble is the air filter is blocked. The sun has woke me up today from my hiding place so there's things to be done and place's to be. Its all go go go around the dall house today

    I'm bringing mum up for Sunday dinner later but I don't expect she'll help me to do the washing up afterwards as she normally insists on doing. :) . Its amazing what lengths some people will go to just to escape the washing up en' it.

  • Well Dall05

    i hope yoour mother is improving, and now you will receive the rest you need

    my heart goes out to all those who have been flooded.


  • Its nice to look at the photo but you wouldn't want it in your house would you. Its hard to imagine what some people are going through right now.

    Mums doing well as long as she keeps taking the pain killers, Thanks Jan

  • Wow Tony, you will be taking up swimming next :)

    Have a restful Sunday and hope your Mum's wrist heals quickly and she is feeling better real soon.

    Best wishes Bc

  • I was rubbish at swimming when I had a good set of lungs so I might give a go with water wings or a rubber ring. :)

    Mums annoyed with herself for falling but I told her these things happen and at least its a good time of year to stay in the warm and get ready for when the better weather arrives.

    Thanks BC

  • Hi Tony so that was the week that was, joking aside hope you are well yourself to spite the floods in your area.Mum will no doubt make a speedy recovery over a few months, but as you say no driving so I guess that will fall to you to do, making you quite busy most days. Best wishes

  • I don't suppose the footy results did anything to cheer up your weekend then Tony.

  • 7 used to be my lucky number :( . were struggling for cash so survival is what its about for now. It looks like you might be playing Luton Town next season unless you get promoted to league 1. Goodluck WS.

  • We're more likely to be playing you Tony if Hereford hopefully survive, as we're locked in a relegation battle. Lost Green and his 50 goals in 2 seasons to Brum on a free in the close season and failed to sign a replacement. In fact your lad Clucas is our brightest light but likely to move on to a championship club at the end of the season. Hope for your sake you got a decent sell-on clause when you let him join us. Sure sign Spring and the cricket season is on the horizon as New Road is under water again, not that you need telling about that. All the best with your mum and your own battles with your health and the floods.


  • Hi Tony, pass on my regards to your mum and hope she is in not to much pain, you are big and ugly enough to look after yourself, it wont be to long before we are out in the big bad world again weather wise, just been in the Gym 2 x 20 minute sessions at speed 4.5 / 5.00. if it stays nice here i might get out for a brisk walk later, Keep Painfree, MC

  • Mums doing quite well MC, I collected her for Sunday Lunch which she soon got through so there's no problem with her appetite even with just 1 hand.

    The treadmill is great but its no substitute for a bit of sun and fresh air is it. It was 11 degrees here and a bright sunny day but too many chore's to do so it'll be treadmill again later. I do 30 mins at 2.5 MPH on 8 liters of oxygen and I'm throwing in more inclines now. We should hit the ground running when spring arrives eh' MC.

  • Wow Dall, this was a tyrant of a week. I'm glad your mum is well looked after. they'll probably take her plaster off and ask her to exercise her wrist!

    I had a broken thumb once. I had to ask for the plaster to be removed next day, as the technician hadn't washed the wound and it was stinging and stinking! I asked not to put the plaster back on. Instead I put a poultice of green clay for a fortnight. The bad skin fell off and a marvellous new skin (such as I have, of course!!!) grew. The bone healed really quickly too. I wore this funny glove to protect the hand for a while and moved my wrist gradually more.

    Hope your mum gets a physiotherapist when the time comes.

    Bless your good self too! Well done!

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