Bi-Pap Machine (ResMed VPAP) For Sale

Bi-Pap Machine (ResMed VPAP) For Sale

If you have a respiratory condition or complex sleep apnoea you can liberate yourself with this Bi-Level positive pressure airway device as I have! It's light and easy to transport in and out of hotels, offices, indeed anywhere you need to go meaning you can take it around with you and be spontaneous about choosing to stay away. This positive pressure airway device offers two seperate pressure settings so in addition to inspiratory pressure you can have expiratory pressure if required, ideal if you also need help expelling carbon dioxide.

It comes complete with royal blue zippered case which neatly holds all accessories and leads, including international plug and new facial mask. Your respiratory nurse will need to put your personal settings into the machine as mine did, and this takes just minutes.

Made by the internationally renowned ResMed company, this machine is in good working order and condition as it was bought as a spare to travel with to save taking permanent machine away from home. Cost over £4,000 new and am happy to accept £1,500 or near offer. If you would like any further information please contact me via my website

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Dear Sallyann, I have contacted you on your website, and look forward to hearing from you, thanks. Jon

Dear Jon, many thanks for your e-mail. I will be in touch shortly.

Love, Sallyann

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