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Sorry - another question!

As some of you will have read, my husband was taken very poorly early this week, after having had copd for some years but coping very well. My question is regarding a holiday we've booked - 8 day cruise to the Norwegian Fjords - at the beginning of May. The Copd nurse said that my husband would take 6 to 8 weeks to recover from this flare up, and that it would be good for him to go. My question is, if he's not well on the cruise, does anybody have any idea what treatment he could get. I feel I want to cancel but my husband is so looking forward to it.

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My Advise would be to go BUT put some plans in place. When we went to France I went to the doctor and asked for antibiotics and steroids to take with us just in case. I took a list of his medications and translated it into frrench (you won't need to do that). We had a fab time and I am sure you will too - just be prepared. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hope you can feel a bit more positive. Take care TAD xx


You need to read your insurance clauses about medical cover. You will have told them about his long term condition but you may have to inform them if there has been a change in his condition. If he has been in hospital you must inform them. Cover all the bases for your own peace of mind.

Otherwise, if he feels well enough - do as tadaw suggests and speak to your doctor about emergency supplies of drugs. Check your cruise providers information about medical facilities on board. I know some people who 'risk it' to save money - always a bad idea in my view.

Im sure he will recover and this episode will be well in the past by the time you go.


you may need to get a fit to float cert. from docs. to cover ins.


Hi janann25 bless you ,I agree with your nurse 100% and as Tadaw says take antibiotics and steroids away with you and make sure he has plenty in his puffers (inhalers).Some time away will do you both the world of good,sounds like you need it.How lovely to have that to look forward to.Just check your facilities on board dot the I and cross the t's. :) Janexx


My daughter was a nurse on the cruise liners don't worry they take good care of you but take the advise of others take meds with u .

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Hi Janann25 sorry to hear hubby is not too well at the moment but thinking ahead and the cruise will do him the world of good. Apart from the obvious of checking your insurance covers you and taking your rescue meds with me I would like to tell you our experience of being poorly on a cruise. We went on a red sea cruise everything was going fine but hubby came down with an infection, started his rescue meds but checked in with the ship's doctor just in case, they were very good in providing nebs and coming to check up on him and everything so everything was fine and we got priority treatment when getting off the ship. My only criticism was that every time the doctor asked to see him it cost us another £80. As this was at the beginning of him being poorly and it was happening more frequently we are now well prepared, rescue meds, travel nebuliser, painkillers - you name it we have it. Enjoy the cruise, wish we were coming with you.


I don't know which cruise line you are going with but when we went with Celebrity they had full hospital facilities on board. As well as taking full rescue meds with you I would ring the cruise line and find out what medical facilities are on board. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Enjoy your cruise.


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Hi, father angle ...... I used to live in Scandinavia and my experience is that the winter is a dry cold, not damp like here. Sunny, bright, clear skies ( unless it's actually snowing).

I found it really uplifting even though the days are shorter they are much brighter.

Hope it works out for you both, you will love it.

Take thermals for catching the daytime sun or the moonlit starry nights on deck :D



I'm severe COPD FEV1 @ 27.7%

We go away every summer in our motorhome .... often very remote but clean, dry, warm air places such as up in the French Alps etc.

Remember, the worst place to be with COPD is the UK in winter. We're highly polluted, cold, damp .... you can almost guarantee that's what's set-off the flare-up in the first place.

He'll feel absolutely great in the un-polluted dry atmosphere of Scandinavia. Last time I was there I managed to walk over a mile around a lake - on my best days here in the UK the best I can muster is about 50-mtrs.

Go & enjoy & relax & most importantly, MAKE MEMORIES .....

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Thank you all so much for your advice. I'm beginning to think that perhaps we will actually go now - but frightened to get too excited in case anything goes wrong!! He's a bit better today but obviously got a long way to go. My big problem when he starts to feel a lot better will be stopping him from doing more than he should - men!!


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