Another newbie to the site!

Hi Everyone, I'm another new member and was diagnosed with COPD last November, bit of a shock as I thought I just had Asthma. Big on denial me. I had a terribly traumatic episode a couple of weeks ago when I went into stage 2 Respiratory Shutdown....the result of ignoring worsening symptoms and fear of anything medical....especially hospitals. My emergency admission into hospital wasn't something I fully remember but it certainly cured me of my phobia, I was so well looked after I didn't want to come home as I felt safe there!

I thought I should join a group to understand better what my illness means as though I have plenty of medical support now, I need to talk to other sufferers who can understand my worry through day to day. I get very down and anxious and its just nice to know that this group is here for a chat.

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  • Little Usker, you will get plenty of help and reassurance when you come here. Welcome x

  • Welcome Little Usker, lots of very knowledgeable people on here you have come to the right place.

    polly xx

  • Welcome LittleUsker, I'm a newbie also, this seems to be a very good site

  • Thank you, its really interesting looking through the posts, so much written is what I have felt or am feeling, what a blessing to find you all.

  • hi new here myself what do you think of the site


  • Afternoon

    Welcome I'm glad you found us. Have a good read you'll find someone on here has the answer to any question.

    Kim xxx

  • A very warm welcome to you Little Usker :-)


  • Welcome LittleUsker think there will be a number who have been quite ill before they were told what it was

  • Thank you......I think deep down I knew what it was but was a bit of an Ostrich for a long time.

  • Echo that admitting the cough would not go away was stop smoking time Ostrich keeps on smoking

  • Hello LittleUsker You have landed in the right place here,so much help and support and lots of laughs along the way.Sorry to hear of your trauma that happened scary mary eh? But glad your ok now and that you have good medical support its good to be able to trust your docs etc.I think most of us here get low times and get a little anxious to.So you are among friends here who will understand and be able to help in anyway they can.Nice to meet you and see you soon. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane. Still smoke free ??

  • Hiya there malk7 how good to see you ,are you well my friend? Iam in rude health at the mo im happy to say and still no smoking! What have you been up to? Happy days Janexx :)

  • Hi Jane, Wonderful to hear you are well, was hoping you have kicked that smoking game ! What did I tell you !! bet you are kicking yourself now, and wished you had never started in the first place. Wont be long now and you wont even miss them.

    Im fine Jane, get a little board from time to time, think its this weater we are all having.i Mmss Africa so very much, but being there 28 years ,one tends to creates some wonderful memories.

  • Your not wrong Malk the craving comes and goes in a nanno second now which is very good.Glad to hear that your well ,sorry to hear your missing Africa,it is a country I regret not travelling to,When I was a young person through my parents I was introduced to the ambassador to south Africa a Mr Theron,he offered me a job to be his nanny to his children when his post here in England finished,sadly i was to scared and didnt take the job a missed oppotunity I think! Yes we create some wonderful memories its good to be alive my friend.Be happy and keep well :) Janexx

  • Hello and welcome to the site.

  • Hi and welcome LittleUsker :)

    Ask what ever you like and I hope we can answer for you.

  • It took me a long time to find a site like this. (I'm American). Wish I did before, I have learned so much. Welcome.

  • your very welcome,dont worry you will soon get the hang of things, there lots of good advice and we all support each other. If you have any questions just go ahead and ask, there will always be some one whe can give you advice. Malk.

  • A big welcome LittleUsker! Andy

  • Hi im a newbie as well. I got a shock when i got told i had copd. I had been treated for ashma for years then i had a scan and it shown copd. Im glad i found this site as its great to know other people have the same illness and there is somebody to talk to that understands what im going through family and friends are great but they dont understand like somebody that has the same problems.

  • Welcome to the site,glad you found us.I am sure it will be a blessing for you,to be with people that understand how you feel! xxx

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