electricity off

Hi everyone, Hope you are all surviving the weather. Feel lucky here in Shropshire (not too near the river) as we only have fences down up to now. Had a bit of a panic when oxygen went off due to electricity cut but got one of my mobile containers on the go so all OK. Sounded like bedlam here with all the alarms going off but young neighbours came to help. So sorry for all those in Somerset, Cornwall etc, roll on spring. Popplewell

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  • I had my concentrator off too, popplewell, but only for a few minutes at a time (about 7 times). I am glad you are not too near the river, some people are having such dreadful times.

  • I wonder how people in our position go on as I find it hard to walk from room to room these days and fancy what it would be like to have to move oxygen and wheelchair and all the medication and in the cold too!! Be thankful I say. Popplewell

  • I would also struggle to move about. Thankfully it was off during the evening and I was not at home alone and, as it was not for too long each time, I just sat and waited for it to come back on!

  • When are you moving blue? We moved when I was 75 but I was well then and we are glad we did as we are in a lovely rural spot (came from Bolton) close to our daughter and in a new house so makes things a bit easier. We were in a cottage almost 200 years old so I don't think stair lifts and wheelchairs would have gone well there. Going to be a better day tomorrow for everyone I think. Popplewell

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