Frightening diagnosis

My husband was diagnosed yesterday with severe COPD. A big shock as he was originally diagnosed with COPD some years ago and, until this last weekend when he became very unwell, he'd not really had any problems. Just one inhaler each day and a preventative one which he hardly ever used. In fact, he had his 6 monthly checkup only two weeks ago and the nurse said he was doing well!! He's still struggling at the moment (on antibiotics, steroids and new inhaler) and I'm just wondering whether he will start to improve or whether this is how he'll always be? Can anybody answer please?

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  • My husband was also diagnosed with severe COPD - in my experience he will improve really. When my husband has "exacerbations" I am always scared that he wont return to his health before - but so far he has done. Not great in this cold weather but try to avoid it! He is still working full time - we just take things slowly.

    Has anyone mentioned PR course - my husband went on his first one two years ago. Its a course of about 8 weeks - twice a week, with controlled exercise for an hour and an hours information. I think it saved my husbands' life.

    My husband has just been given oxygen for exercise which he uses if we go shopping or he is feeling particularly unwell. Actually it has been great - he has regained some confidence and is able to do more.

    I am confident he will get better - just slowly. Please ring the BLF helpline, I am sure they can offer you some good advise. Take care and try not to drive yourself mad with worry. TAD xx

  • Thank you for your reassurance - I realise that there are no guarantees with this disease but it will give me something positive to remember. I have now had a phone call to say the physio nurse will be visiting on Monday morning so I will know more then. Thank you again.

  • Tadaw you say your husband has improved.......are you saying he is not at the 'severe' stage anymore but back to moderate? I did not think that you did actually improve in that way in reality

    It would be wonderful to hear that you think you can improve that much

  • No he is diagnosed as severe but having said that I look at our life and the way he is coping . When he is very ill as janann s husband is now - then he has recovered and returned to his normality. What I would say is that exercise makes a huge difference and definitely gives him a greater capacity. Xxxx

  • Hi Tadaw, What sort of exercise do you mean? I have severe copd and no one has advised me about this.

  • If he has just seen is G.P. he sound's like he has a chest infection, taking antibiotics steroids and new inhaler he should soon start to improve!

  • No, the diagnosis was by the COPD specialist at the hospital. Keeping fingers crossed that treatment is successful.

  • Hi janann he will definitely improve to kinda the same before this last infection hopefully,this is a temporary hot spot with this nasty infection once he has recovered from that life carries on hopefully as you were before.Maybe new inhaler will help to.Eat well and exersise have flu and pneumonia shots and try to keep away from sneezes and diseases.You will get over this bump in the road.The PR course has been recommended which is a must,get referred you would be able to attend aswell so would learn at the same time.Happier days will soon be back :) Janexx

  • Hi Janann, I have severe emphysema but am quite well, I do get poorly with infections in the winter but with antibiotics and steroids I do get better, sometimes it does take 2 or 3 courses but I get there in the end so try not to worry too much, I hope your husband feels better soon, take care.

    Best Wishes to you and your hubby.

    Jude xx

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