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On enquiring of my practice nurse if I had been overlooked for a Consultants follow up appointment after my CT scan I was told I had been discharged as I failed to keep an appointment. I never received the Appointment notification. Today I phoned to speak to her Secretary answer phone, so sent an email out of office response just said "away June 7th" that was all. Confused baffled. Is she away till June 7th. In the email I have given 2 email addresses, 3 phone numbers.

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  • Oh Suzy, how annoying! I once had an appointment that the ambulance did not turn up to collect me for. It turned out no-one had booked it. They said they would send me another appointment but instead I somehow got discharged for non-attendance. Have you tried contacting PALS? I hope you can get it sorted out. x

  • Can you ring your practice nurse and tell her of the difficulties you are having contacting the consultants secretary . I had a problem with a booking secretary at my local hospital and my health centre sorted it for me.

  • Someone at your health centre or GP practice should be able to help you Suzy and they cannot just wash their hands of you like that surely? Mistakes do happen and everyone deserves another chance, what a terrible way to treat someone. Good luck and hope things are sorted asap. Take care. xxxxx

  • Blooming annoying. I'm getting suspicious myself. Is it part of money making by hospitals because our GP practice have to pay for our 'non attendance'?

    When I have a consultants appt I always pop in a few days before to ensure a registrar is on duty (because I will not see the con). I often have to reappoint.

    I've recently discovered that they put me down as a no show for the original appointment! The lovely registrar put a note at the end of her last letter: I do hope your previous non attendances have not been due to ill health! Grrrr

  • Along time to be away 7th June. I would write them a letter, explaining that you did not receive an appointment. Did they not send a letter to your doctor of findings from ct scan?. I had an appointment last month for ENT, I did not get a letter to tell me when the appointment was. I got a letter couple days before to remind me, in case I needed to cancel. We have to ring an appointments line now, which is not part of the Hospital, and they don't know what the appointment is for your just a number. I know this because, I was waiting for an appointment for my Hearing,and one for Throat. and when I asked them which one it was for, they didn't know. And said that I would just have to turn up. Sorry to have gone on abit, but they are so dam annoying at times. Hope you have some luck with them. Take care Nannyb xx

  • That is annoying Suzy6, the same thing happened to me a few years back, I phoned and explained, and followed it up in writing with a letter to my GP and the Consultant at the hospital, requested they remove the details I had failed to turn up for appointment from my file. (I heard the policy is if you fail to turn up for 3 consultant appointments you are referred back to your GP and have to go through the referral process all over again)

    If this is the first time (the hospital think) you have failed to turn up I don't see why the hospital should have discharge you. But If I were you I would write the letter and copy your GP as I did so both are aware of the hospital error.

    Hope you get a reappointment soon, I did after putting my complaint and request in writing.

    Don't be sad, feel the power and put pen to paper.

    Best wishes BC

  • How annoying - could you ask the gp practise to investigate for you and request another appointment? TAD xx

  • Suzy sorry this has happened to you. Re your email - I reckon she is on maternity leave but there should be a temp secretary. You could try 'phoning the hospital switchboard and asking them to put you through to whoever is acting as secretary for your consultant. You could also 'phone the number on any appointment letters you have had in the past for this department or again ask switchboard and speak to the Appointments Clerk or Clinic Clerk. Sometimes they can be helpful. Otherwise put everything in writing. Don't understand why your practice nurse or GP didn't chase them up. GP would have access to you scan results on screen.

    Good luck getting this sorted.

    Love cx

  • Hi Suzy6. I would phone The Lung centre in your Hospital and explain the situation. I'm sure they will send you another appointment even if you have to see someone else. It looks like you can easily be overlooked even if it isn't your fault. Good luck. X

  • How blooming annoying,think you have good advice here,from our lovely peeps,so won't add to it!

    Good luck with it,& make sure you get it sorted,NOT your fault xxx

  • i agree with TADAW, your GP is the place to go.

    years ago i had a very bad ingrowing toe nail and for the fiveth time,my Doc said i should have been at the hospital that day, but i had had no conformation to go, they had been sending my appointments to my old adress which i had moved from three years before, then you were given three times but today if you miss one you are out, so go to your GP.


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