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Day 5 post valve implants

Good and bad. Indoor breathlessness about 35% improved but as soon as the cold air (and there's LOTS around) hits my tubes they shut down with a bang. Maybe a mistake to drive over to see my daughter and g/daughter yesterday in the high winds and rain here in the West country. Storms and low pressure maybe not the best conditions to evaluate or recover from the op. #notgoingouttoday

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It must be really tempting notlocal but try not to run before you can walk ! I think you need to keep those tubes happy until full recovery and settling in period is complete. So keep in the warm and dry and keep getting well.

35% improvement is excellent in good breathing conditions - great news :)

Bet your daughter and g/daughter were really pleased to see you though and of course you them.


So glad to hear of the improvement! Agree with BC,to much to soon! Look after yourself,& keep warm! xxx


I must agree with the above you need to give it time stay in the warm and don't be tempted to go out again for a while.

Look after yourself

polly xx


35% improvement is fantastic. This weather is not good for anyone!! Keep warm, take care and look after yourself. TAD xx


Great improvement! Take care whilst the weather is so bad though.


Hi notiocal fantastic news sounds like the op has been a roaring success :) but it has only been 5 days baby steps eh.You must be made up,take things a little slower especially in this mad weather we are having at the moment..:) Janexx

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Thanks for all your concern. Another major storm on its way for the SW tomorrow. I've been in all day, staying as warm as possible, heating on (bill *gulp* for the future) and not doing much and breath has stabilised. A bit boring, running out of things to watch on iplayer etc but it's way better than being sob! ....

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Not sure how this works. How can I respond to everyone so that it flashes up as an email for those who responded to my original?

Only by responding to each individually, I think. But someone may know better......

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Okay and thanks!

That is really good news, but take things steady ,early days, but good going, all the best, Heather.x

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Cheers Heather, all the best to you too!

So happy to here about your 35% improvement imagine how you are going to feel when spring arrives. Still awaiting for my consultation, will keep looking out for you updates. Keep well, best wishes.

Thanks Lavinia, muchas gracias. Ah, the spring, that mythical thing! :)

With all the others. I say congratulations on your improvement. Of course, the #notgoingoutanywhere is necessary at the moment, not just for you but for many of us. I cannot face a high wind. I must walk like a lobster, backward, so I don't face the harrying wind that cuts my breath and my walk! Nurse your improvement!

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Heh, walking backward! I like the sound of it but would be dangerous where I live (stuff lying on the streets). sob much improved (there's an update today)

Bent je Vlaams?

notlocal, what a strange idea you have! I left Belgium because of this linguistic problem. I don't want to go into it. Let's say that I am British. when I became British, the embassy woman told me "There's no coming back once you change your nationality" I don't want to go back and face this again, thanks!

My apologies. I had no wish to upset you, only to practice my Dutch a bit!

Apologies greatly accepted,lol! I did learn it at school. I remember a very funny word which is the wagging of a dog's tail - kwispelstaart! When I saw it and heard it by my teacher, I couldn't stop laughing! So now you now one more Dutch word :-)

So pleased to hear that the Op seems to have been successful, it is early days though, maybe it was a bit soon to go out in the shocking weather we have been having in the Bristol area, stay in the warm and rest, give your lungs a chance to repair, I have been doing laps around the garden, but one of the days it was so bitterly cold that my whole body took ages to recover when I got back in, so the last few days have not ventured out side the door.

Just been talking to my Daughter and her partner on Face Time, so envious they are in the Maldives on holiday, look so tanned an healthy, the ocean is so clear and blue, what a contrast to here, hope your health keeps improving, best wishes Gilliann.

yeah, proper breezy it's been! I have been housebound since wednesday pm, but need to go shopping tomorrow, wrapped up warm with a snood over my mouth. At a pinch, my son could do it but a. he's working b. I like to do my own shopping and c. my valved -up lungs need to experience the world outside at some time and it's 8 days now. It's strange to think of them inside there. I've never had things inserted, only removed (tonsils when I was 4). My youngest son has just arrived back from the Phillippines and the oldest is on a beach in S India. My tubes could do with some tropical heat...well, not too hot..just warmer and less windy than here would do! Sob hasn't been great today but I'm still better than before. Onward and upward...

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