Hi me again went to doctor yesterday as I have a pain in my shoulder blades and a cold feel realy I'll well doc told me I have a mild chest

Infection to go home to bed didn't prescribe me anything to help told they don't like giving antibiotics surely would be better to try and fight this infection before it gets a good hold have emphysema bad cold chest infection and breathing a lot more laboured feeling realy dis heartened at the moment ?

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  • hi shell59 the same thing used to happen to me when i had a chest infection, i also have emphysema, untill i was put under the copd team, i think that some doctors dont how serious a chest infection can be when someone has emphasema,, i had to take matters into my own hands wait for the doctors to close, then ring the emergency doctors ,get an appoinment and get my medication from there,but if your breathing is laboured call the paramedics out dont take any chances, you dont want the infection to take hold love firework

  • Hi Shell59 - please call the BLF helpline they maybe able to give you advise on how to get the antibiotics BUT I believe that you do need them. Experience has taught us to treat infections earlier rather than later. Or you could ring the practise and see another doctor and explain that you do have COPD and need the antibiotics. Good luck TAD xxx

  • Thanks for the advise am going back to the doctors today think I need something let you know how I get on nice to be able to talk to someone who knows what it's like don't think people even doctors understand how scary it is when you get diagnosed you don't know anything think you will be ok then you get a infection and it hits home must admit feeling realy scared at the moment ?

  • Firework hi shell59 it is scary when u r first diagnosed,try not to be scared u will get your head round it and then learn to manage your illness,obviously it's not easy when your doctor doesn't recognise a chest infection, if the doctor doesn't give you your antibiotics,then get yourself to the emergency doctor or the hospital outpatients, if u r not under the copd team maybe it wouldn't hurt to ring them for some advice, also have u thought about joining the breathe easy club in your area u would get lots of help on how to manage your illness ,there is a life with this illness it's just different u have to know your limits good luck and take care

  • I have had bronchiectasis since a child. so have over the years had numerous chest infections.....the doctors were always reluctant to give anti biotics, until I went to a chest cons. he said I must take abs...when I first get a cold !!! I was reluctant to do that thinking that I would become resistant to abs... and I used to wait 'to see' if it developed into a chest infection.... when I went back to cons....and told him this he said to me 'Have you EVER had a cold that did not develop into a chest infection?' I had to say no, so he said then take the abs...as soon as you get the cold...

    So this is what I now always do

  • i agree with all said demand them or call ouyt the para medics you cannot take the risk

  • My doctor would never give me any antib`s and used to tell me to drink plenty of fluids and take paracetomol so I stopped going to the drs in the end because of this and it was disheartening having to drag myself there when I was unwell to be offered nothing. However last year I developed pneumonia and ended up in icu. Needless to say I have changed my doctor who gives me a rescue pack. I am considering taking a negligence claim against my previous doctor because I didnt receive the care I should have. If you are not happy with your doctor change to another, some are aware of the right copd treatment, others are not, ask around.

  • Hi Shell59, do you attend a Thoracic Outpatients Clinic like I do at Papworth Hospital, if so ask for a reserve supply of antibiotics (and maybe steroids [prednisolone]) then when you get the cold feeling down your back (like I do) you know it's an infection waiting to strike you down and you can start on your antibiotics straight away. Take care. Lizzy

  • I had the same thing I was diagnosed with COPD I got the flu and my GP would not give me abs without seeing me and the next appointment was 3 weeks away I was also running short of morphine I do think some GP receptionists would make good guard dogs, I changed my GP

  • Like others say, when you have a lung problem, you cannot ignore an infection and just drink water! First thing to do is to get a sputum pot and have your sputum analysed. this should clarify whether you have a bug or a virus. there are different kind of antibiotics, the first line is almost harmless (Amoxycillin, usually. I've become resistant to that). The second line is more specific. The third line is Intravenous strong antibiotics in hospital and a reassessment by consultant with sometimes a more permanent type to prevent a recurring infection.

    Yes, Take charge of yourself. Don't let a medic, even a qualified one (!) fob you off.

  • My doctor does not like prescribing ABs either.

    Even though I have Asthma , Scarred Lung , Bronchiectasis , and lately COPD.

    He wont even give me a rescue pack, that was until the specialist at the hospital told him he was being ridiculous.

    Don't get me wrong, My doctor is a really good GP, but I think he is in denial on my behalf.


  • Sorry I didn't finish reply I have a new iPad just getting used to it, so I would then ring the emergency out of hours doctor so he could check me out and that was the only way I could get my antibiotics , I had to do this so many times but I had no choice it's survival at the end of the day I didn't want the infection to get a hold and end up in hospital, I hope this has given you another choice , you are not on your own please take care.

  • Hope to got the first half of reply I'm so sorry I will get use to this iPad, I was put in a position to wait for doctors surgery to close then ring the emergency doctor let him check me over then he would give me the antibiotics I had to do this so many times ,it's a really bad situation to be put into but I didn't want the infection to get hold and end up in hospital,my doctor is lovely but she knows nothing about chest infections, thankfully I'm under copd team.

  • Just had to change docs due to death of my old one. Receptionist would not let me have my hosp drugs until l saw doc and she agreed. Thought they could not override consultants. Have bronchiolitis and having chest pains simplier to what u have. Going by what's been said on replies not the only one who's unsure about getting the right treatment.

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