Well I learned my lesson a couple of weeks back with the nutty weather and wind !!

This particular day was not to bad so wanting to go out, got suitably dressed and all covered up as it was chilly.Got Gertie out and pulled my fashionable granny grunt rain cape over myself :p How nice is this fresh air out in the world nice one Jane well done for making the effort! Well 5 mins along and the weather from hell lashed around me,torrential rain and what seemed like 100mph winds people were screaming on the streets cos it just came from nowhere,the wind whipped under my cape and pooffed me up like a balloon omg its only lifting me omg ! Ilooked like the young girl in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who tries the juice and starts to puff up and floats about looking like a balloon! All you could see of me was peanut head haha. I was closer to waitrose than home so carried on slowly was just unbelievable. Talk about windswept when i arrived,my son had been calling couldnt talk on the road so he had got real worried bless him,now instructing me to call him as i left and he would meet me to make sure all was well,love his little big cottens. Once finished started the battening down of cape etc got out to blue skys and sun would you believe it. Lol Happy days indeedy. :)

A smile a day helps us work rest and play


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  • Oh dear Jane, I didn't know whether to laugh or what!! Not a nice experience for you though. One question - who or what is Gertie???? :-D

  • Hi poemsgalore, Gertie is long lungs scooter......now you now

  • Thanks knitter im in the throws of cooking a big chicken soup. cheers for explaining i forget not everyone knows this info haha takecare now. :) Janexx

  • Hello poemsgalore I would be laughing for sure,it was scarey mary for a moment ,ido remember thinking oooer Jane keep going girl you cant stop here.As knitter has said below Gertie is my chariot of fire my scooter bless her. :p Janexx

  • Mars bars do the trick too you know LOL (work, rest and play and manic laughing cos you haven't got the strength to open the ruddy thing!) :) xx

    Next time it's windy and you get the urge for air hurtling through your tresses, perhaps gaffer taping the waterproof cape to the frame might be a good idea. No? Oh okay, will think of something else then. :D xx

  • Exactomondo scrobbity oh I never have any problems in opening bars of heaven ,flakes talked about heaven didnt you get sixpence worth of heaven with them :p think i could feel a little claustrofoebic (how do you spell that word lol Its defo wrong) with gaffer tape its bad enough as it is haha any other ideas gratefully received though i wait in anticipation :D Janexx

  • Up up and away hay in my beautiful balloon ,didnt know i could sing did you haha. Yes me to my weight is round my tumalumaloo laas,i have Max wall legs ,Im sexy and i know it ( another song for you) lol lollol I can dream and I do haha :D cant stop giggling at myself byeee :) Janexx

  • Oh Jane you are funny. You always make me smile. It's like that here today. I'm not even going to venture out the door. I could just imagine you all puffed up taking off from Gertie. There's so much water all around us it makes me feel lucky I live where I do. We live about ten miles from Burrowbridge which you keep hearing about on the news. They have a basket works just outside which is a shed like place where they sell the basket things. It very often floods but not like this time. You can only see the roof of it. The road runs in front of it. I have seen it about six inches deep with water. It must be eight or ten foot now. Hope it's not like that where you are. X

  • Oh good thats made my day Marvary thank-you.Yes I feel extremely lucky where i live to,how the people are coping who have been flooded I dont know, feel so sorry for them.Eight or ten feet i cant imagine thats dreadful some have lost so much! I do feel very fortunate. You two stay in and be safe now blimming weather it is. :) Janexx

  • Hey jane it's better to be puffed up than puffed out. X

  • Very good Steph your on it tonight kid haha your also right :p Janexx

  • Oh Jane,you are a tonic! I was having hilarious thoughts of you flying up in the sky,looking like a mushroom!

    Do take care of yourself though,how lovely your son is so caring xxxx

  • Haha Wendells can you imagine ,ufo sited in the sky.lol.Yes Im lucky both sons are very caring.Hows you doing at the mo? :) Janexx

  • Ok that does it jane, I am now convinced you are MAD. Hehe I can just see you, as the blueberry girl verruca, from ww choc factory. So the moral of your story is. If you must ventur out, sit on the cape. Or even put some weights on the hem, ha ha.

  • Oh well done for remembering her name I couldnt.I think. That has been said about me before it must be true :p .haha take care :) Janexx

  • Tears are running down my legs! Oh, my, Jane, you do write a good recount of your travels, and they always cheer me up. In fits of laughter at your escapades. :) x

  • How funny initial glad it made you laugh, made me giggle to at the time.Hows your recovery going hope your still improving? :) Janexx

  • Got a call from the Respiratory team today to see if I could attend tomorrow for an oxygen assessment. The community nurses have been on to them, as they think I need oxygen. SATs at rest are 93/90, but on exertion, fall to 84/120. But, they recover so quickly, I don't see what the fuss is about. :) x

  • Oh I bet thats put the wind up you a bit initial had this been suggested before or bolt out the blue? so are your resting sats more 93 than 90 or otherway,if more 90 Iwould think you are teetering on the boarders.on the exertion one 84 is low whats the 120 measurement? although you say you recover quickly thats fine if your recovering to 93 always but your not are you?How you feeling about it?Tomorrow is great though cos you havnt time to worry for to long.Just thinking will they be getting true results when you are still in the throws of recovery from pneumonia? maybe you might need a little for a while and then see how things go when your on top form so to speak.I will be keeping all things crossed for a positive result initial.What times your appointment?I shall be waiting to hear from you asap?please.Never rains then a monsoon :p (((hugs))) Janexx

  • The 93 is the o2 and the 90 is the heart rate - norm for me, except when I have infections, then it plummets to the low 70's. It was a bit of a shock, as oxygen has never been suggested before, due to my very quick recovery. I'll discuss it with the Respiratory Team tomorrow at the 1pm appointment. At least it's on the ground floor, and I won't have stairs to climb LOL :) x

  • aha I understand now sorry thanks for explaining.Is someone going with you tomorrow? Take things slow,ground floor good good.Try and get some rest tonight eh I wont harp on anymore. :) Janexx

  • The government will issue special gown and strong umbrellas and withdraw the bus pass. We will all have to go from one place to another, floating like Mary Poppins!

    You are a model, Jane, hook on something when you go!

  • How funny helingmic can see the picture now! Dont you worry I will find something to hook on haha :) Janexx

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