Keeping Positive

..... this guy is an amazing inspiration

You think you have problems .... just take a couple of minutes to watch this little fella.

I went to one of his presentations a few years back .... his condition has presented him with so many difficulties but he's by far the happiest most positive & likeable soul you could ever wish to meet.

He's an amazing insipration to make you want to just get up every day .........

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  • I have seen the video before and he is an exceptional guy. Well worth watching and putting our own problems into perspective sometimes :)

  • Never give up! that's what he said, definitely an inspiration to us all!

  • He is an incredible Human Being.

    I've seen his videos before also but always good to remember his positive outlook and the obstacles he has overcome.

    A great person to encounter in life, I expect you came away from the presentation on a high. :)

  • He is amazing, puts my problems into perspective. Thanks for sharing Blakey. xx

  • That was very heart wrenching. X

  • Amazing an inspiration to all of us who feel down due to our illness...mind over matter I guess, thanks for the encouragement....Baily...

  • A lovely little chap with a very strong positive mind.

    An inspiration to us all (and some).


  • Yes wonderful, and so positive,really is food for thought,x

  • Brrr! This is so scary and wonderful at the same time.

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