Azithromycin - queries?

Sorry to bore you all because I am cheesed off myself.

Yesterday, yet another chest infection. I was really enjoying a break from them, having been placed on azithromycin, which i thought would be the answer to everything. Luckily I had a rescue pack to hand, and that is already working. If this happens, what is the point of taking azithromycin? Perhaps it is one of the meds that will take time to kick in. Grateful for comments. Sorry for the receptionist when I rang for advice -she had something brewing as well. Thanks, peeps!

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I am azithromycin and it was sort of explained to me that it keeps the existing infection/bacteria that is already in your lungs under control. Unfortunately we may be introduced to new strains through colds and infections that we need our rescue packs for. Although this might be wrong.

Pergola you could NEVER be a bore, you are always so helpful to others, unfortunately I dont know the answer to your Azithromycin an ab you take all the time, and so now wonder why you have got another infection? if it is then I too would be cheesed off.....sometimes one feels that 'at last' I have got this thing sorted, but then along comes something else which knocks your confidence

But I often find that once I am better again, I get that optimistic feeling right back :):)

Take care Pergola

Love Sohara

Thanks, Stitch. It has made me think. Maybe a course of steroids although I don't like to take them although I take everything else

Hi Sweet

I assume you are talking about talking Azith as a prophilactic i.e. 1 3 times a week or 1 daily. They may be the reason you have gone so long this time without getting a nasty infection. They work in too ways (the first of which might expain Stitch's doc's comment). 1. They help to reduce inflammation in the lungs. 2. Some of the bugs are surrounded by protective biofilms and the Azith breaks down these biofilms, Taking Azith doesn't mean you will never get another infection but you should not get them as frequently. Sadly I cannot tolerate Azith, nor indeed any mycins, along with many other abs.

I really hope you feel better soon hun.

Love cx

Now I have seen stale blood ..wondering whether to call the surgery?

Hi Pergola are you alright?

Call and ask for phone consultation with your Doctor. Thinking of you.

don't hesitate please phone and request telephone appoint with doc today for further advice. Don't take no for an answer from the receptionist just keep insisting.

In ed with another chest infection tion· Grumbling about kindle keyboard - mind of its own. Feel weak but not too weak to have a moan x

Sorry to hear that make sure you keep warm and plenty of drinks. I don't suppose you'll feel up to posting too much but keep in touch. Take care. Xx

I hope you rang the surgery, pergola? Better safe than sorry. ;)

Hi Pergola I can't help you with azithromycin but if this was your maintenance daily dose ab you will still need a stronger prescribed dose by your GP for a chest infection I believe, I hope you can manage to speak with your GP about this and increasing dose as the doc recommends.

Take good care and hope you are feeling better soon.


Hi pergola, I think Pete has an infection but unsure at mo. He just keeps coughing and bringing up thick but clear looking mucus. One thing after another at this time of year. He did take Azith but his body gets used to drugs so now he has a break from them and is on Doxy. Not sure if these are doing anything but we do have Clarithromycin as a back up if needed. Hope your abs kick in soon and that you start to feel better. Take care. xxx

Hi Pergola, so sorry to hear you are suffering. Bed is definitely the best place to be right now. I've been pretty lucky with Azithromycin, been on it for one year and not had a single exacerbation all through that time. I hope your rescue meds do the trick. Sending hugs. xx

Rang the surgey ..spoke to doctor P ..lovely bloke..third lot of abs. We'll see now. Thanks to all xxxx

So sorry to hear your under with another infection pergola,please take time out to recover properly.I know you have alot on.But listen to your body and snuggle and rest and get well soon. :) Janexx

I did ring the doctor, downstairs now, looking at the awful news. Dr. G recommended a third ab which amazingly i had in my drawer. Slept all afternoon and dreamt about dogs! Husband is ok although extremely cold ( a side effect) and is having a bath to get warm. Thinking of offering a nip of brandy for him. BIG thanks to all for your support, xx

do take care of yourself Pergola. Bed is probably the best place for you with plenty of fluids - but you know that already.

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, I expect your resistance is low and left you open to another bug.

Have you spoken to doc since your earlier post?

Sleep well. xxxx P

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