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A nice break for a few days

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Well I knew that I hadn't felt well for some time so no surprise after tests this morning got admitted to hospital this evening. Sitting here nebulising with salbutamol then atrovent then colomycin plus IV antibiotics at midnight. Aren't I a lucky girl! Have managed to get wifi working so might even be able to Skype people!


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Hi Judith poor you get better ASAP. If they've kept you in you must need it. X

Hope you feel much better really soon Judith :-) x

That's the spirit, Judith as i said to puff, if the food is a bit bland, order an "HALAL" chicken curry

very tasty

Problem is I don't eat meat!

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helingmic in reply to alanjudy

That should be able to be accommodated. You should state it. Hope you get it !

oh dear oh dear, get well soon xxxx

So sorry Judith you are stuck in 5*. Keep ya spirits up - hope you feel much better soon.

love cx

Hi Judith. Sorry you are in Hospital. Hope you feel better soon. X

Hello Judith oh that's rotten for you ,hopefully with all the Iv meds etc you will feel better sooner rather than later now. Take care now, :) janexx

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Steph57 in reply to longlungs

Hi jane how you diddling and he's bailey I missed you. X

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longlungs in reply to Steph57

Hi Steph I'm all good thanks can't complain at all really, your self? Bailey is lovely such a little thief though at the mo if I catch him he runs for his life to his bed as if it's ok when he gets there and just looks up at me with those eyes " what mum wasn't me" his little legs are stronger now and he can jump and get stuff ,tea towels shoes socks my handbag etc. bad boy but so cute his teddy which is bigger than him and sleep with him ,he drags out to me where I sit the floor are cold tiles so teddy makes a cosy travel bed for him ahh ! Sorry I'm a puppy bore. How's your schnauzer bless ? :) Janexx

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Steph57 in reply to longlungs

Not a puppy bore at all. Glad your feeling better. Schnauzer Eric is good going to drag him to bed soon he doesn't take too much dragging unlike other species I could name! He! He! Night night. Xx

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longlungs in reply to Steph57

Haha ! Sweetdreams sleep well Steph . See you tomorrow. :) Janexx

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Steph57 in reply to Steph57

Take care jane don't want you out of action again. Xx

Hullo, L.L. nice to see you around. Dont think about being a bore - we all love our pets. x

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Hi Judith - just to wish you a very speedy recovery. Take care TAD xxx

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Hi Judith,just saw the post,hope you're feeling a bit better now,you're in the rightplace,by the sounds of it!

Take care,love Wendells xx

Sorry to hear you're in hospital. Get well soon.

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Hi Judith hope you are soon feeling better and all your sleep time is filled with excursions to holiday destinations. :) x BC

Hi Judith, sorry to see your in hospital. The cheese salad i had in hospital was lovely and huge. take care and get well soon. june x

The most positive attitude to take, Judith. Get well soon x

Wrong post, sorry Judith x

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Hi judith, sorry that you areback in hospital, rest up do what the nurse's tell you and enjoy the food .yuch. you will beback home soon. Hugs. Berwick xxx

Thinking of you Judith and wishing you well. xxxx

alanjudy hope you get well soon and out of jail ?

Looking outside I think I am in the best place. It looks really horrible wind and rain. I might find instructions on how to build an ark whilst I am in here!


Your not missing out on the weather Judith, it's awful here in the Lancashire, get well soon.

Hope you are feeling better soon and that they look after you weel.

Judy, get better soon. It's such a boost to be linked. so glad to have you around!

About Skype, I have an account, but don't know anyone who wants to genuinely speak to me. It might be too frightening ;)

Hi Judith sorry to hear your not well hospitals are not nice hope your feeling better soon

Sorry to hear you are poorly in hospital Judith, so many of us have been ill this winter, take care and get well soon.

Best wishes Jude x

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Bettz in reply to brooksju

Jude, if that is a Koala you must be in Austrailia?  How neat to have a contact with people all over the world!

Wishing you a speedy recovery,xx

You poor thing,but at least all your meds will be given to you ASAP and you hopefully make a recovery soon. Better than suffering it out at home and being brought into Hospital a in a few days time,being extremely portly ? Best wishes.