Not looking forward to today :(

Not looking forward to today  :(

Yesterday I had to travel to Worcester Hospital from Malvern knowing that only 1 river bridge is open due to flooding. We set out at 7.30am on what is normally a 20 minute journey. 2 hours later we arrived at the hospital just in the nick of time for my respiratory test (spirometry).

Well today I've got to do it all again, its a later appointment time for a different problem but its raining, hailing, and even snowing outside, the wind is blowing and the river Severn is at record high levels so wish me luck!!!

If you can all healthunlockeders stay indoors today and look after yourselves.


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Take care Tony and thinking of you. xxxxx

Good grief! Take care Tony, hope not too stressful for you. XX

Hi Tony, sorry to hear you are having a bad time down there with the weather decisions on footwear must be hard for you, Wellie's, Ski's, Wind Surfing Boots, Runnng Shoe's you will get there in plenty of time to Puff Yourself Out.MC

Hi Tony hope all goes well for you today. What an awful journey. X

Hi Tony, don't envy you, keep warm, keep safe, hope today goes well for you.

polly xx

Take good care Tony, wrap up warm, take your wellies just in case, or as all mattcass suggests :)

Wishing you extra good luck :)


All that power going to waist, why fracking and nuclear?

Good luck - hope it all goes well and you stay safe xx

Hi Tony dont envy you today make sure you always have supplies in car be a good boy scout eh be prepared dibdib dobdob haha,Hope appt goes well let us know when your safe back home? :) Janexx

Good luck on your journey dall0, great photo, looks worse than it is here in Somerset ! I'm frightened of the river Severn with it's tides and moods, prefer the Wye in Hereford where I lived when young. get home safe.

Surprised to hear you have to travel to Worcester for spirometry Tony, I have mine done at my local surgery which is very convenient.

All this water everywhere, and yet in a few months time we could be facing hosepipe bans again. So many ordinary peoples lives being blighted and we cant afford to do anything about it, but can justify £60billion for HS2 to speed up future travel for a few privileged businessmen to line their pockets. There's something seriously wrong with this countrys' priorities.

Oh how awful. I feel so sorry for all those people living in areas that are flooded. Sending hugs dall. xx

Hope today has gone better than you feared Tony and that you will soon be back home safe & warm. :-)

Get them to synchronise your appointments better! Stay safe. x

Hi Tony.

Scotland's not that much better, we had rain wind snow and sleet.

I think natures is as fed up as we are and doesn't really know what to do.

In saying that, I do feel for the people down south, it is terrible what they have had to endure and I sincerely hope they get some respite soon.


Hi Tony hope all went well on your journey today or was it more like a voyage with all the flooding down your way. It's much the same everywhere weather wise but some places are badly flooded like Worcester and no sign of a let up is there? Hope you got home safe