My beautiful mum♥♡

Hi little update on mum, unfortunately still not too good, althought her oxygen levels are 94, bp fine but she is feeling light headed and sometimes can't even get the bathroom alone. At times she seems confused which is not normal for her, matron came today and asked if i would consider palliative care, to be honest i was shocked as i thought that was for when you are very poorly, im sure mum will get over this and bounce back, plus she has me to care for her. Oh well lets hope she rest well tonight and tomorrow shows signs of improvement. Xx


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16 Replies

  • Your Mum must be a wonderful lady to have raised such a lovely caring daughter.

    Sending love and best wishes to both of you.

    love cx

  • Your Mum has been so unwell bmb64 it's not surprising she's light headed and confused. You know your mum best. All I can say is my aunt was in palliative care three times and although I was not there at the time I was told she thrived on it. I don't know anything much about it but have heard the care is exceptional. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. All the best. x

  • Thank you! Xx

  • hi, lovely to hear from you. Cofdrop is right, your mum is so lucky to have such a lovely daughter.

    I may be wrong but many people go in to palliative care just for a break. It's sometimes a good idea because they are experts with the medical care and TLC too.

    Take care of yourself too :)

  • Hi Bmb64. Palliative care is not what you are thinking. You are assigned a Palliative care nurse who will visit if your Mum or she will ring to ask how she is. She can make appointments at the Drs or get them to call. Ours was worried about my Husband and called in to see the Dr after leaving us in the afternoon. The Dr asked us to go down and she would fit us in between patients. If there are any aids that will make life easier she can arrange that for her. They are worth their weight in gold. They can also arrange for someone at the end to make the end more comfortable. We have a lovely one who I can pick up the phone and talk to if I need. Take advantage of the offer. You won't regret it. X

  • Hope you Mum soon improves. X

  • ((((((((((Hugs)))))))))))) x x x

  • 3.45am mum peckish, so now sat up eating toast, strange hour but good sign she is hungry, lets home it stays down. Ni night! Xx

  • That's a good sign, build Mom back up a bit, yes do hope it stays down,help get stronger,thinking of you both,take care, and rest up when you can,as you have a lot going on.xx

  • Your very kind and you need support as well but I am sure Mum is in safe hands with you and she will feel secure under your wings, be strong the light will come soon I am sure, just look after yourself as well have a couple of hours off for a pamper go to a Spa or do some retail girlie shopping with a friend and have a coffee out somewhere even a movie just to refresh your head.. you must keep strong to care for your Mum too. keep us posted Sue xx

  • I agree totally with cofdrop - you are so kind and caring. I am sorry that she is still not well. Sending you much love and wishing her a speedy recovery. TAD xx

  • Morning bmb64, agree with all that's been said, also palliative care would give you the chance to recharge yourself, making you stronger for looking after mum. I nursed my mum and it's not easy, I know. Take care. X

  • such a loving caring daughter you are. Must be hard on you seeing your Mum poorly . xxx

  • Hi bmb64 sorry to hear mum is still not up to scratch slowly slowly eh she will get there,wanting midnight snacks a good sign me thinks.Palliative care sounds scarier than it is actually.Why dont you talk to the matron and see what she is offering a little help is always nice bmb64 ,to know means you can then make an informed decision then.Keep your pecker up and look after you to .Wishing you both well . :) Janexx

  • Thanks for all your support again sorry couldn't respond to each comment, but been kept busy. Mum seems to be taking 1 step forward but 2 steps back:-( up all last night with pains in her tummy and asking to go the toilet every half hour right through the night, so got gp out again now on antibiotics for 3 days, but couldnt believe her oxygen levels were 98 on air, fantastic for mum:-), hoping for some sleep tonight and the wind doesnt keep us awake:-( thanks again! Xx

  • So sorry that your mum's recovery is taking time. I think what the others have suggested about palliative care makes sense. It will give you a chance to catch your breath and gather strength for when she DOES get well enough for you to care for her again. Sending you the biggest hugs I can manage, and prayers for strength. Kath xx

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