Anyone on Seretide 125

Since being diagnosed last april with mild COPD and Bronchiectasis I have tried Symbicort (terrible side effects)

and then Clenil (no Problem) I saw a new consultant last week who said I should be on Seretide and told me to start it imediately which I have. No side effects yet as using spacer and gargling but I have found that I am getting breathless again. I did not get breathless on Clenil and did not need the Salamol but now I do need it.

Has anyone else experienced the same sort of thing?

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  • Hi tpliverpool, I tried symbicort and got palpitations, but my friend is fine on it. I was then prescribed Clenil and that was ok, but two weeks ago I was given FOSTAIR, but I thought I would wait until my chest infection was better and my urinary tract scans over before trying it. I am a bit worried that I'll get worse too. I have not tried seretide, but I tried serevent once and that didn't suit me at all.

    Have you rung the helpline for advice and I would contact your gp again

  • Hi Knitter, Thanks for the reply. Did they say why you needed Fostair when like me you were happy on the Clenil? Was it the chest infection?

  • It was my third chest infection since December , but I saw a new nurse practioner and she just gave it to me to try...but I am very wary. The chest infections were treated with steroids and antibiotics. There is a debate whether I have asthma or COPD. I think I may ring the BLF helpline for advice

  • I am on seretide 250. Have to be honest have never found it makes much difference to me. The inhaler that has made a HUGE difference is Spiriva. That made significant difference to peak flows - even very next day. I have moderate - severe COPD.

  • Sorry ps meant to say I still get breathless and have to use nebuliser regularly but I just view it as part of the condition!

  • I thought these inhalers were supposed to help with the breathlessnes. I was feeling good . Why change?

  • Hi PT, I've been using seratide now for the last twelve months, two puffs twice a day and does seem pretty effective along with other meds. Only downside is the possibility oral thrush but I brush my teeth and gargle straight after or even just gargle and so far no probs. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sashed if you don't mind me asking, what are the other meds? I am brushing and gargling and up to now mouth seems ok but my breathing isn't and I seem to have developed a bit of a heart flutter is this normal?

  • I would give the BLF a call for their views PT. I'd have thought 125 wouldn't be enough to make your heart flutter but I'm no medic. Call em and let us know what you learn!

    I normally take Seretide 125 but on 500 at the moment. No ill effects and the higher dose really helps for the moment.

    One point I'll mention, I was on the 125 inhaler with spacer for 3 years - I discovered at PR that I'd been taking it incorrectly all that time!! No wonder I went downhill.

    Does the spacer make a noise when you inhale? If so then inhale more slowly so that it doesn't then you'll get the optimum dose.

    Kind regards, P

  • Hi PT, I also use a Ventolin Accuhaler 200 mcg several times daily, and three times a day I take Carbocististeine 375 mg @ 2 at a time. My excessive breathlessness was because mucus was becoming very thick and I was going giddy whilst trying to cough it up. Whilst I still continually cough, it's not as uncomfortable any more. As for the flutters, must be honest and say I have no idea, as Knitter suggested, maybe try the advice line with your specific concern.

  • Hi ptliverpool, I do not understand use of spacer! MySeretide 500 is a blister pack. It is the one thing I am neurotic about if I cannot have at least a month's supply. Also Carbo (sorry forget name I know it as Muscodyne). As well as rinsing mouth, take tinned pineapple as enzymes kills thrush bacteria. Had quickening heart beats at beginning but these eased off as got used to taking it. I think BLF nurse said it was the salmeterol? in Seretide that was beneficial to me. I was put on cheaper version without this, was so ill, glad when I was prescribed again. Told £70 a go so could not have stock. I am very breathless without Seretide. I take the 500 twice a day. Your dose sounds low as my GP puts everybody on the lowest of anything and he did not even suggest 250. KatieJJ

  • The Spacer is used because my Seratide was an inhaler not tabs so no blister pack.You may have noticed I posted again after a bad experience with this drug. It just goes to show how different we all are. Hope you keep well on your meds. xxx

  • Hi, I've been on Seretide 500 now for a number of years and been fine with it althogh, after saying that, I was always OK with Salamol. I've never been on Clenil so I cannot comment on that. Hope you get your medication sorted soon.

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