Going for CT tomorrow

Ive seen gp today and shes keeping me on sick till we know whats wrong . CT scan tomorrow so thats good. Has anyone heard of idiopathic bronchitis ?? Think thats what he said . Im not asthmatic hes stopped all my inhalers and singular ....my chest is still feeling crushed and im exhausted after doing nothing but pleased things are moving finally . Judith x

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  • Keeping fingers crossed for your CT scan results Judith.

    Idiopathic means 'unknown cause' bronchitis is under the banner of COPD

    Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is something else (not COPD) .

    Its probably best for you to wait for results of the CT Scan for a confirmed diagnosis.

    Hope you are soon feeling much better, just rest when you need to until you get a diagnosies and the appropriate medicine to treat the problem. Keep warm and take good care.

    Best wishes BC

  • Thank you BC . Ive been out with daughter adter the gp earlier to pick her new car up and i am feeling completely shattered!!! So im going for a sleep . Hopefully ill know more soon xxx judith

  • Think its infections i.e never ending with or with out purulent sputum.

  • Oh sounds yuk !!! Thanks judith x

  • Good luck for tomorrow Judith. CT best way to get a proper dx.

    Love cx

  • Thank you!! Xxx

  • Hope York CT scan goes well. Take care. X

  • Thank you ! X

  • even doctors are classing ipf as copd it is not under the copd umbrella ipf is a totally different disease if you have not been a smoker that's maybe why he is saying idiopathic bronchitis although I have never heard of it good luck with scan

  • Thank you x i know id never heard of it but i havent heard of half either !!

  • Good luck for tomorrow Judith. X

  • Thank you Steph 57 xxxx

  • Dear Judith

    did all go well ? I hope they find something to help you. Kind regards Irene

  • Hello Irene thank you for asking x im not too sure whats going on to be honest ........theyve mentioned that much !!! but radiographer said bronchiectisis (not sure spelling) theres also a question mark over my heart so goodness knows im being very positive but its hard xxxx thank you for your kindness. Im astounded by the kindness and support on here its humbling xxxxx only other site ive experienced this is an ex racer horse forum i belong too xxx take care love Judith xxx

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