Protecting your lungs in cold weather

Tad put another post up about this, I'm just including here the BLF site search in the community where previous discussions about this have taken place for those interested in reading more about how the temperatures and weather conditions can affect people with lung conditions:

You may bring up alternative searches by using the words cold weather and your lungs (search box top right)

Also BLF's own pages on this:

Take good care of those lungs one and all.

Any one not been on a PR course try to access one through your GP, this information and much more is usually covered on the course.

Best wishes BC

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  • Hi Blakey, Thank you for that information. Hope you don't mind me asking but what is a PR course pls. I am new to this site, so don't know all the terminology lol

  • Welcome diggerruth, PR = pulmonary rehabilitation, information videos on PR can be viewed here:

    Abreviations info here:

    The search box top right is good to use if you are looking for information on something specific otherwise don't hesitate to post a question, lots of people here I am sure will share with you experiences.

    Enjoy your time here. :)

    Best wishes BC

  • A mine of information. :)

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