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Fracking my brain with talk of

Global Warming but won't Talk about impact of these Fracking Site's contributeing CO2 Radion GreenHouse gas

Well i do why should i pay twice Once with my Health and Two with Carbon Tax levies yet nothing is said about them.

Well know i want to talk about them Esp if the ripping me of with various carbon tax's

NEW STUDY : Finds NORMs or RADION as its known the fracking process and waste is a major radioactive hazard and public health hazard.

According to various study's Hydraulic Fracking is not a cost effective method of extracting gas or methane as upto 40% is lost threw back flow and leaks to atmosphere in the form of Co2 or Green house Gases yet nothing can be done as its not cost effective for plant owners.

Uk Goverment or Coalition as in our case don't like talking about Fracking NORMS or as its known RADON and Co2 back flow leaks into atmosphere

Given the evidence from protester videos as illustrated fracking companies and our goverment & health and safety executive office don't give a rats ass about public health or your kids.

As we are only country in developed world that lets fracking companies transport dangerous chemicals in open flat bed trucks leaking chemicals all over our streets ... other countries have strict controls that are a integral part of licensing its called a hazardous risk assessment conducted by health and safety executives office.... and any breaches result in fines or prison or loss of licence ... the controls limit activates from moving chemicals when it raining to making sure deliveries are under cover in and transported in properly.

As you can see none of the above was done or is being done apart from dangerous activities from theses fracking companies and the coalition government.

Here is example of chemicals transported down your streets in open back trucks

Barite (Barium Sulphate) Powder 100% .. 4.2 .. 500tones 20kg bags

Fly Ash Powder 100 .. 100% 2.3 .. 100000lbs 45tones 20kg bags

But thats not end of the story as its very convoluted as to why only govermeant can tell you .. but my post proves fracking is a radioactive hazerd to public health and the franking companies know it and goverment knew it all the time ... and now public know the govermeant knew it.

The above link from USGS document THE last page look for Barite thats most inportant section

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One more an in depth post Daz good reading.

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Hi cheers offcuts .. is shocking the law thay are using only coverd off sure opperations thus not in land .. have thay not noticed people dont live in the north sea so are a lot closer to ilegal sites ..... anyway here's a fracking good story of one disater after a other for faid BP CEO ... 150 New Yorkers Protest Fracking at the Office of Talisman Energy USA WHY according to reports and protesters, including a number of young children, carried signs highlighting Talisman’s current number of violations at more than 300 and the problems with fracking fluid spills in neighbourhoods and the lack of concern by fly by night John Manzoni former clown at BP during American Gulfs Oil Spil Farce to name a few like tony blair he as persised over a few un natural disaster and UK fracking will be other he presides over.

Yet given this fool as been black listed in private oil and gas industry for presiding over oil gas disasters wheather on shore or land or FT Nas Daq he as never come on top.

But as a fool david camerion pm is he as seen fit to go agaist industry set standerds and employ a fool Ex-BP oil disaster and fracking executive to lead big government projects why

to preside over our gas electricity nukler energy industry future disasters.

Given such david cameron and the said ceo history is this a thing of convenance .. ginen new expanding fracking markets

God speed ppl .. by looks of things we are going to need it :)