Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!

Ah that feels better ! Im baacckk hello ya'all

Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh   Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh  Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!
Ah that feels better !  Im baacckk hello ya'all

I know Im such a drama queen ! Seriously though I really recommend a good old scream.This was suggested to me many moons ago by a professional ( a shrink actually).If when things get to much as they do sometimes.If your on your own fine you wont need to tell anyone that you are ok and not to worry lol.But by doing this it somehow releases the pent up feelings and can even bring a smile to your face :) cos you feel a little silly have to admit.Try it you might like it. :)

I would like to thank everyone for their best wishes and getwells,was much appreciated and such a lovely feeling knowing people care.Iam getting back to normal now,my angina and BP was a little outta control,but my meds have been increased and things are improving.So happy days are here again. :)

Its good to be back saying hi to all the newbies of which there are many how great to meet you all,this is a great supporting friendly forum looking forward to chatting with you all.

The picture was the day with my Bailey a couple of weeks back taking him to the vets for his first jab love him. :)

Keep well and a smile a day helps you work rest and play.



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  • Yay your back x

  • Hi there chellshock it's good to get back amongst friends. How's you doing haven't seen that much of you these recent weeks ,do hope is cos you've been a little better and busy doing stuff?

    Keep well and see you soon. :) Janexx

  • Your back raring to go by the sounds of it. So glad your getting better jane it's not been the same without you. Xx

  • Hello Steph thanx your to kind .I know damn ailments ! Sometimes you have to stop and take note for a bit eh! But yes isaid to another friend I'm back like a bat outta hell lol blink and yer miss me I that fast now haha! I see you have a treadmill me to my grand children love it,mine is in the garden I shall take Bailey for some walks on it when the weather gets better he will enjoy and when I feel more confident I can take him for a walk to the green in front of my house not far I know but for me it will be major. I'm definitely on a get fit thing at the mo so will start slowly tomorrow,and maybe 2-3 times a week instead of daily this time. I have a really good feeling for this year ,does that sound daft? It's good to see that there are lots us getting the exercise bug. How's you? Keepwell :) Janexx

  • Hi jane I'd gone to bed when you started posting. It's good to have you back. I loved the picture your bailey is so cute. It looks like we're going to be busy trying to get a bit fitter. I've not got my treadmill yet I'm waiting for it to be delivered. X

  • Oh, L.L. that looked like a war cry of triumph to be back. Pleased to have you back. xx

  • And Bailey looks so snug!!

  • Hi again I know he is so gorgeous bless him. He is hard work but so worth it I adore him. :) janexx

  • Hahaha that made me smile pergola when I saw it once I'd posted it looks like I'm screaming like Tarzan how funny. Nice to see you how's your decluttering going ? Are you nearly there with it ,pace yourselves the pair of you. Won't be long now you must be getting the colliwobbles and mixed emotions,changes are underfoot how exciting ,and hubby being so much better now. What a happy spring to look forward to for you all? Keepwell now :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, thought you were off on another day dreaming holiday. So nice to see you back, and Bailey , ah bless him. I want a ride!

  • Haha you know me steamtrain I do like a dream ! Oh yes indeedy My one problem dreaming is when it's about me winning the lottery! I don't do it that often so when I do remember, I start thinking "well Jane someone's got to why not you? So what would you do with £6000000 Jane and off I go,I wind myself up into thinking I might really stand a chance :D. So when I don't get even 1 no, I'm really quite cheesed off silly cow Iam haha! Oh well never mind next time I remember to buy one I will dream again :) Are you recovering well? I'm reliably informed you can get trailers for these scooters,want one now you could sit in it what fun would that be lol Bailey is a little star,see you soon. :) janexx

  • Nice to see you on the mend jane.

    :) xx

  • Hi there Jambo good to see you are you well at the mo? Yes Iam very much on the mend now everything going in the right direction thank-you.Alls good with the world at the min ( wouldnt that be good eh ) Stay well see ya soon :) janexx

  • Welcome back, you were sadly missed and had us all worried. Great that you are back on the road to recovery. Hugs and kisses. Berwick xxx

  • Hello there Berwick ah what a very nice man you are saying such nice things,really didn't want to be worrying.But all good thank-you.I think just by upping my meds has made things better.I have been really enjoying your jokes :p Thanx for the Huggs we all need them now and again . Hope your well now coz you've been through the mill a bit yourself well quite a lot ? Takecare of yourself :) janexx

  • You really had me worried, Jane, so please, take care of yourself, and scream as much as you like, if it helps reduce your stress levels, but please, don't frighten Bailey LOL :) x

  • Haha poor Bailey would Jump out of his skin ! Bless you initial thank-you for caring sorry if Ives worried you Iam fine but I do hear what your saying for sure. We do need to listen to our bodies and Iam it's hard to control life's little interruptions sometimes. :D you take things easy to you've had that pneumonia and that is definitely not something to be sneezed at either misses haha .Seriously though please keep well and away from any nasties? Chat soon :). Janexx

  • Hi Jane. So which bank were you heading for to rob? First time I've seen a dog used as an sidekick on a bank job. lol. Nice to see you around again Jane.

    Bobby xxxx

  • Hello Bobby good to see you .Well if I told you I'd have to kill ya! Hahaha ,My Bailey you've noticed is a ferocious beast not to be messed with!! Not unless you wanna be licked to death :p Have to say nice to be back,what have you been up to lately? Do hope you are keeping away from all the germies and nasties that are going about at the mo? :) janexx

  • Hi Jane and welcome back to us. Glad you're feeling better. That old scream was relief too! Sara xx

  • Hello Butter-fly funny thing is I've lost my screamer it doesn't work anymore haha but ihave and do try then have one of those delish coughing fits! Lol. Thank-you Iam loads and loads better,all very good nice to be back. Hope alls ok with yourself at the mo? :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, Glad you are back great photo, must be some good captions with this.Matt

  • Hi there Matt go for it I'm sure you could think of some goodones? :) thanks kindly it's really nice to be back I must say.Loads of new faces which is just brilliant we are becoming popular people get a lot from joining here I know ido learned so much. A real good bunch of lungie challenged people. Very happy days .You had a good hosp visit didn't you Matt ? :) janexx

  • Good to see you back and your Bailey looks adorable. I haven't told you, I used to have Cavaliers, happy days indeed :)

  • Hi peeg still keeping away from the nasty ole germs i see :) They are a lovely breed arnt they i had a tri colour one before a true friend he was to bless him i still miss him ,this little one is such a pickle and so comical so glad i have him.Stay well peeg :) Janexx

  • You stay well too LLJane. yes, I cant believe it so I'm off to Trafalgar Square in a mo now there's a break in the rain.

    We had a Blenheim girl (called Charlie) then kept the runt of her 1st litter. Delilah, she was a tri-colour born as Nelson Mandela was walking out of Robin Island. Naturally, the other pups were: Nelson, Winnie & Sampson. They were so lovely. xxxx

  • Glad to have you back and on the mend I have missed your posts.

    Bailey looks so happy and proud to be in that basket and out with you.

    I think I will have a go at the scream but will leave it till tomorrow I might scare someone tonight.

    polly xx

  • Hello pollyjj how kind of you to say thank-you.The scream thing really does work as it happens if you can loose your inabitions enough (spelling wrong sorry ) I try but I have lost my screamer try as i might even if i try to shout at the boys my voice cuts out and they laugh ,cant be an 'angry bird 'any longer lol.Yes my new basket arrived so I thought I would give him a ride he was very good and well behaved I have to say :) Are you ok pollyjj im sure i read your feeling under par at the mo or have i got that wrong and your tripping the light fantastic really lol? Keep on trucking pollyjj spring soon so is xmas haha. :) Janexx

  • I see Bailey's been leading you astray then :D

    Kick that angina's ass - how very dare it incapacitate you. Humph! xx

  • You know what im saying scrobbity bloody nuisance it is but getting better am pleased to say.Bailey has me completely wrapped round his little pink paws little monkey he is.Hows you didderling at the moment ,going down with or getting over or super smashing hope its the last one :p Keepwell my friend :) Janexx

  • I have a part time job as a genie and thus your wish is granted - super smashing at the moment, thanks for wishing. :) xx This here treadmilling seems to suit me at the moment; more energy and a bit more puff to do the things I don't really want to do (washing up) but am actually doing before dire need of plates and mugs :D xx

  • Hi Jane, so nice to have you back again and lovely to see Bailey all wrapped up too. I do like your carriage. Pete has one but it is nowhere near as posh as yours! Hope you are on the up now. Take care. xxxxxxx

  • Hi there sassy59 thank-you so much its good to be back sorry ive taken a while replying i must be the slowest typer in the whole wild south of london lol.Bailey was as snug as a bug sitting proudly in gerties new basket love him,yes i love my gertie has opened my life up so very much to be able to get out of my four walls is just amazing for me. Yup onwards and upwards we go sassy,keeping well I hope you are see you soon :) Janexx

  • You take care Jane and stay in touch. xxxxxxx :)

  • Hi Jane, Glad your on the mend, keep well nannyb xx

  • Hello nannyb how good to see you,where have you been not seen you very much either? hope alls well with you i miss seeing your bootiful creations and all your little wordy thingies oh i cant think of the name for them you know what I mean though lol well i hope you do haha. Thankyou Im just grand just need to pace myself and not be a bull in a china shop so much :D Stay well now keep smiling. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, glad your feeling better. I had a couple months of one ailment after the other, and started the year off again with a funeral of a friend, seem to be doing that a lot, these last few years. I think I need to get my brain in to gear and create something. Take it easy, Nannyb xx

  • Hi Jane. Nice to see you back. We were all wondering what happened to you. I think you need a rest from time to time to re charge your batteries. I don't think I will be doing the screaming bit. We live in a block of apartments. We would have all the neighbours running out thinking it is the fire alarm. X

  • Hello Marvary good to see you to thank-you for caring.Isee what your saying haha can you imagine? Yes we do need to recharge the old batteries from time to time you are so right.Im so pleased hubby is holding his own at the moment and eating well very good news indeed,and you both managed a little outing aswell that must have felt so good.Please take care of you to Marvary Keep well send my regards to your hubby,glad he is not having to wear a helmet haha slowly slowly with everything.Keep well be happy I saw you had a very good post from an ex professional the other day how good to have some one here that can guide us who knows the system good stuff eh, you have been amazing though Marvary you do know the coup you are always on the money never feel your not , cos you is .(((Marvary and hubby ))) hugs to you both :) Janexx

  • Welcome back longlungs, you were missed. x

  • Hidehi casper99 thank-you ah how nice of you to say.All better now and on and on we do go.has to be eh .Hows you doing keeping well I hope? see yo soon :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane I posted earlier but don't know where it went. I was saying I hadn't better scream in my apartment otherwise they will all stream out thinking it's the fire alarm. Welcome back. Glad you are feeling better. X

  • Hahaha I did get your other post I keep getting a little message come up saying 'sorry cant find that post but it does so i dont know what that is about a little gremlin. :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane. When I was posting last night my messages just disappeared. I thought maybe I had mistakenly put something I shouldn't and they had removed my post. I'm usually very careful not to do that. I was getting very worried. They then all of a sudden appeared again. That's why you had two posts from me. Very strange! X

  • Hi Jane,lovely to see you back,& what a lovely pic,you both look so snug! Keep well my girl,would try that scream,but the neighbors might think I'm murdering Harry,lol!! xxx

  • Hey Wendells good to see you have you started those sessions my friend? Ohh no you best not youve had enough emergency traffic at your place recently haha! Its all go isnt it Wendells no rest for the wicked they keep telling me lol,has your weather let up at all? thats very draining,What abrilliant idea of yours doing a memory book with hubby and getting your grandies involved nice one. :) Keepwell please take great care of yourself aswell wont you ? :) loves ya (((hugs))) Janexx

  • Good to see you back and I'm glad you've got that wild beast trapped and under control.

  • Hiya thank-you I see your back in blighty again now,so not retiring now eh?Tell us more? Yes my ferocious beast is to be feared but i have him under control so far lol. Yes its good to be taking part im so slow at typing my son just said to me " mum why dont you try 2 fingers now on the keyboard!" I vill give this a go haha.Are you keeping well cocksparra and behaving? see you said you met a young lady and..... lol Be well be happy :p Janexx

  • Hi Longlungs lovely to see you back and with the gorgeous Bailey. Keep well. Cheryl

  • Hi Cheryl thank-you so much hope your keeping well? Bailey is something else all good and some naughty thrown in for good measure i love him to bits :) Janexx

  • Glad to hear that you are on the mend, what a lovely pic of you and Bailey, xx

  • Hi there junespoon yes iam thank-you heaps better,Bailey is due his 2nd jab today,but dont feel I can go on gertie the weather is dreadful,can go in a cab but as im on my own cant carry bailey to the cab from front door to much for me isnt it frustrating sometimes never mind.Hows you doing at the moment?Keepwell :) Janexx

  • Hi jane how will you manage on your own taking bailey wouldn't it be better to arrange an other appointment ? The weather is so bad out there today and your just on the mend. Xx

  • Hi Steph your right I have just rung them to cancel,it is just horrid out there today.What you up to Steph? :) Janexx

  • Yes Jane its such a trying disease, you lie in bed thinking of all the jobs that need doing, and by the time you are up washed and dressed, the puff to do them has gone, I cannot complain at the moment I am keeping well, doing my very best to keep away from germs, The weather here in Shropshire is so windy, if I ventured out don't think I would be seen again, the poor folk down south, and along the severn, your heart goes out to them, can you get a later appointment for Bailey, and ask a friend to come with you Just to help carry him for you, but I know just how flustrated you must be feeling, You just take care don't get to anxious, keep carm, Give Bailey a big cuddle from me, Love Heather.xx

  • Oh your not wrong Heather very trying indeed at times.I do the same in bed " right Jane tomorrow we will sort that out hoover there etc etc,next day i try and do but never as much as i planned,at least we try all we can do.Im glad your keeping well and away from all things nasty :p Yes I phone and cancelled.God only knows how those poor folk are coping theyve been flooded for so long aswell some of them.I really dont know how i would deal with it.Iwill give him a cuddle no problem from you.Takecare now thanks for caring Heather,stay well now. :) Janexx

  • You jane me tarzan

    Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh Aaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhh !!!!

    Ah that feels better !

  • Lol thanks tarzan youve right cheered me up made me really chuckle.Feeling good iam, hope you are now? :p So where have you been swinging around my friend? :) Janexx

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