Wet wet wet

Hi all, just to let you know it's very wet down hear, in looe Cornwall, but we are not complaining! Today is the wind from hell back again. Tried to walk round the side of my house today, with a cup of coffee for the chap working on my sons car, by the time I got to him, there was only half a cup of coffee as the wind had blown the rest away,I joke not. I think the mechanic thought there was a water shortage.

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No sorry, just another silly joke, but they do raise the spirit.

Hi stitch, no I didn't get a sip, just a wet hand and soggy feet. However the mechanic left early, think he went to find the other half of the coffee,

Hi Steamtrain it' not possible a water shortage in Cornwall at the minute.

Oh and no, no shortage of that wet stuff

Hi Steamtrain1958. We were in Looe for the New Year. We nearly moved there when the children were young. We love it there. You've had it pretty bad with the weather. I hope you were ok where you are. I think it's gone on long enough now. It's about time it changed for the better. X

And by the way, we established a few posts back, that I can't sing, so we'll leave it it Marty and crew.

Yes am vary, we have had a lot, but hey, no where near what those poor folks and animals in Somerset have got to put up with. I've been ok, thanks for the thought. X

hilarious, I can believe it though :) .... was the wind direction blowing into your mouth per chance or was it the local blackbird that got a sample :D

It is a wet windy night. Safe here in Herts but I cant stop thinking about all the people in the SW, that have been affected by the floods, and their homes. Thinking about you all. xx

I have a sisters in herts, who has been keeping me informed on the conditions there, it's no fun for any of us, no matter how much or little rain and wind there is. It better clear up befor march, so I can get up there, without having to paddle.

Hi Bev, yes I think it's worse there, thank god, I have put some weight on in the last few months, or I would never make it down my drive on my feet, great fun coming back though as no effort on the small slpoe as the wind helps me up it ha ha.

I feel it in my fingers i feel it in my toes x

Water all around us and every where we go, oh dame that's not the next line to the song you started, isit. He he

Hi Steamtrain can't wait to see what you do with the next line.

No sorry minds gone blank, no change there then,

Maybe someone else can compose the next line, then I might get some more inspiration.

Hi Streamtrain1958, the weather (seen on the news) looks dreadful, it's awful to imagine how folk are managing with the damage caused by it. We are so fortunate where we live in Pudsey, West Yorkshire because we are so high up. Take care and keep smiling xx

Still smiling, but then it's not difficult, when I read all the post on hear each day. You take care too. X

Yes really feel for the people down south, Terrible, and no end in sight as yet, going to take time and money to put all this right, Love is all around us and so it goes,what a song that was.x

We had an Oak tree come down yesterday. Blocked the road for 6-hours.

Wow that's terrible, where is it and I'll send my son with the chain saw, I need so big fat logs to dry out here.

Seriously, it's a shame that so many trees are being damaged too. Just as long as everyone is safe when they do come down. I frightens the life out of me if I have to drive the car along the lanes in this bad winds. Trees all around no matter which route I take. Take care of yourself.

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