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have just had 7 days in hospital after having a chest infection and servere panic attacks . I have been so well looked after and fed so well they get my absolute praise . ive had so many tests , blood tests and different scans . every time they did some thing I was told what happens what they were looking for and the out come . I was also taught how to relax when having a panic attack . my wife and kids are amazed at difference in me . I now sleep at least 4 hours at a time . I an now on oxygen 24/7 and go back in 6 weeks to see how its going . they are talking about papworth hospital in the future .so its relax and go with the flow .love life and keep on breathing ....

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We have had some good feed back about the NHS today, which is good to see. I would add to this, both husband and I have been on the receiving end in the last year and have nothing but praise.

It is good you are feeling so much better Tobydoo. You've had a time of it!

It is also good to hear you were so well treated and that your family were pleased too. It means so much to all of you that you have been treated with care, dignity and respect because all too often that just does not happen. I sometimes think they think of us COPDers who are in the later stages of the illness as scrapheap people. Again glad you are feeling so well. Sara

Great to hear you had a good experience and doing better now :)

Hi Tobydoo. When my Husband was in Hospital he didn't eat much at all. It was all casseroles or stewy looking stuff. When he came out he made up for lost time. Mind you he was hardly eating when he went in. The steroids got him going. The Drs were lovely and did find time to talk to both my Husband and I. He is now on oxygen 24 hrs. And he has had panic attacks in the past. We had a nurse from St Margaret's come to talk him through it. I am glad you are feeling better. Let's hope it continues. X

Nice to see how right the hospital staff got everything and glad you're feeling better now. 4 hours sleep at a time, Im envious ;) but pleased for you. Glad you know how to manage the panic attacks.

I am so glad of your glowing report. And I can sense that it transformed you.

It's true NHS is good for health!

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