Oh well!

The last time I went to Papworth Thoracic Outpatients clinic the doctor said I should have a hearing test as the antibiotic Azytheromycin, which I take everyday can affect your hearing. I told him I was deaf in my left ear anyway. This morning I went to the West Suffolk Hospital for my hearing test and then saw a lovely doctor who said I should have an MRI scan just so that they can see what is going on. I could then have a digital hearing aid or an operation for a cochlial implant to improve my quality of life. Wonderful treatment but when I started out this morning I was very positive because I thought it was just a hearing check up and it's rollercoasted into something far more disturbing. Well done the NHS anyway, I have no complaints.

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Well... Your day certainly was eventful! So glad they have been so thorough.

I know someone whom had that cochlear ear implant,& they said it was the best thing since sliced bread! Good luck with it all anyway,let us know what you decide. xxx

Hi Wendells, thanks for your reply. I've got to face the MRI scan first and I dread it. I had one for my spine and had a panic attack whilst in there, luckily they realised and took me out, I went back in when I had recovered, but not looking forward to doing it again. Take care.

Have you thought of arriving early,& ask for a Valium,because of previous experience? They should do so xx

Thanks Wendells, I'll bear this in mind. Lizzy

I am on Clarithromycin and Rifampicin, very strong drugs. I see my nails ridging and breaking awkwardly, My doctor just nods!

I tried nail polish, but that just creates a artificial "skin" on top which peels of after a while. Nivea cream seems t help. I've just bought some argan oil and put a drop on the nails. It feels gorgeously smooth and is quickly absorbed. I'll have to report back to you to see if it improves the nail It is said to be full of Vit E

Hallo helingmic, I have a manicure every 6 weeks just to give me a bit of a boost and I think if my nails look pretty no one notices how bad they really are. I also have a pedicure at the same time as I can't bend down to cut my toe nails as it makes me very breathless. Take care. Lizzy

For a short time, i was a chiropodist. It was so good to see patients saying, oh it's like walking on air, now! I had to stop because of the fumes of the medicine I used. Like you, I had to stop eventually cutting my own. so it's up to me (and to you) to walk on air every time he/she comes

Hi helingmic, I once had a professional chiropodist 'do' my feet and it really was like walking on air when she'd finished, I don't know what she used to massage my feet but it was wonderful. Take care. Lizzy

It was cream with tea tree oil suppose. another oil which I have just discovered is argan oil. This is very fine and leaves you with a fantastic feeling. It's full of vit E, is good for hair, skin, cuticles and of course, feet! worth a try, but must be pure, available from amazon and someone else here said, from Asda! I don't work for either of those :-).

Thanks helingmic, I'll look out for it. Take care. Lizzy

Hi Stitch, thanks for your reply, I did respond earlier but I think I forgot to press the 'reply' button. My nails are in a terrible state, all ridged and yellow and dead looking at the tips. I thought it was my fault for 'nibbling' so I'm pleased to know it's not. The medical staff never say anything about the side effects you can get so that you are warned, you wouldn't worry quite so much if you knew. I have a manicure every 6 weeks just to try to make my nails look better. Take care. Lizzy.

Hope today's events result in a more positive easy hearing future for you. Its a pity the Azytheromycin has this side affect but now that it has done the damage, its good to know there is something that can be done to bring back some quality of life for you regarding better hearing. All good wishes for any procedure undertaken, do keep us up to date how you get on.

Thanks for sharing this information, it will make us all more aware.

Best wishes BC

Hi Blakey, thanks for your response, it's so comforting knowing others are out there for support. I don't know how well known it is that this antibiotic can affect your ears but it's worth noting. Take care. Lizzy

Hi Everyone, thank you all for your support. I hope anyone out there who is on azitheromycin takes heed and follows up with their clinician if they have any hearing problems. Take care. everyone and keep out of this wind and just hope that we have a lovely spring and another gorgeous summer. Lizzy

Hi I have been using Argon oil for a while now I can really recommend it.

Thanks Steph57, I'll look out for it. Take care. Lizzy

My daughter saw it in Asda and B&M but it was on a special so I don't think they'll have it long but try it also it's a natural product. Hope this helps. X

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