Hi everyone ,Took my mother in law to supermarket and as entered car park she spotted a breast cancer cabin ,she asked what it was and i

tried to explain(she's 90 ) oh she said do you think I ought to go and have one them anagrams .I nearly crashed the car.ha . The same day she complained about birds in her attic,(I should explain that her local authority is called tai calon pronounced tycalon which she always has difficulty with) so she say's if they don't fly away soon I will phone Taliban.I nearly crashed the car again.Ha. Bengunn.

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  • Very good, from someone who also get words wrong,

  • Ah bless her, how funny, I would have nearly crashed the too. x

  • Very funny. My Dad was a bit like that in his 90s . I remember we were watching a football match on TV. We were talking about the players and he said he knew Gerard and his wife. He remarked that he had stood beside him and his wife chatting. She was a little woman. I knew it wasn't right as he probably stopped going to football matches when Gerard was a little boy. I loved some of the things he came out with. I also loved my Dad. X

  • Thanks for making me smile this morning. :)

  • The innocent ones are the best.

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