Free 5;2 diet recipe book from Amazon for you

The 5:2 Fast Diet Under 325 Calories Recipes Book: Your Top "50" Low Calories Recipes,...

for anyone who wants to lose some weight - I haven't done it myself but several friends have with very good results.

I've ordered it because there are loads of low calorie recipes - and it's free!!

....... edit: I see the linkdidn't transfer so just copy the 1st line & paste on to Amazon search bar xx

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  • Thanks peeg but the link doesn't go to the free download.

    Is it ipad or kindle download ? what is the actual title?

    Is it :

    The 5:2 Fast Diet Under 325 Calories Recipe Book or

    Your top 50 low calories recipes?

    Many thanks BC

  • yep, that was it BC, I got it on my Nexus 7 & it's kindle..... only free in UK today, was free in the US previously

  • where can I get this book from please help x

  • See Toci's reply below - copy and paste it to Amazons search bar.

    It was 8 months ago so it may not still be available although there are lots of other books on the 5:2 .

    Think I might have to give it a go myself, weight creeping on just lately . P

  • thank you P xxx

  • Copy this

    The 5:2 Fast Diet Under 325 Calories Recipes Book: Your Top "50" Low Calories Recipes,...

    and paste into Amazon. Free to Kindles.

  • Many thanks Toci and peeg :) x x

  • Thanks for this notice Peeg. I've downloaded the diet book. Now to see if I can actually stick to a diet! I could certainly do with losing a few pounds. Jan :-)

  • great, glad you got it. It's just the recipes I think (I haven't looked at mine yet) but it's easy enough to find out about the diet.

    I did read that a well know nutritionist, Angela Howden rates it - I get loads of info from Amazon reviews. Good luck xx

  • Thank you. Just got it.

  • My partner does it, and several friends. They call the 5 days "fat days" and the 2 days "skinny days". It works pretty well, though after a while you can plateau. But Rita certainly has lost weight - about a stone - and finds it an easy diet to stick to.

    I on the other hand have put on 4 pounds which I'm ecstatic about, having been dangerously thin with incipient bedsores even. Wouldn't it be great if we could all redistribute our weight between us ;)

  • Thanks for all the diet recipe info everyone, agreed it is a shame we can't share our weight around I've got a few spare stone to share if anyone wants it(smiles) on the serious side I have lost a few pounds but it keeping the weight loss going till you reach your target weight. The recipes should help.

  • Hi all, apologies, I should have checked out the recipes before I passed it on.

    They're a bit American and some are frankly weird but there are some nice tasty recipes amongst them that you can adjust to suit.

    The main thing I found when a lost 22lbs is to plan, make it tasty and not to have anything cheeky in the cupboards to tempt you.

    Oatcakes spread with non sugar smooth peanut butter is as filling snack as are veggies dipped in low fat humous.

  • Thanks for that Peeg, as you say a touch American, but it's okay for a freebie.

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