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Where do I find a carer with COPD experience?

Hi, I'm urgently looking for a carer for my mother in law. She's 75 and delightful but has go to the stage where she needs help in the day when we're at work. We need to make short and long term plans. Can anyone point me in the direction of a suitable carer; one with experience in Asthma/COPD? I suspect word of mouth would get better results than going through an agency. We're in NW London. Many thanks for any advice...

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My local authority keeps a register of people who work with/for people with disabilities and will pass on names/addresses etc from the register if requested. Whilst this does not guarantee any particular experience in COPD they are all current carers. Therefore your local authority or Social Services (who maintain a register of local care agencies) may be good places to start. However, as someone with COPD who uses a carer, I have to say she is excellent, and though she had no previous experience of caring for someone with respiratory problems she did have care experience and I was able to teach her any extras she needed to know, such as how to adjust my oxygen concentrator. Good luck in your search.


You will need to contact the agencies, Age UK may also be able to help

Some links for you:

Carers UK

Access Care:

Age UK NW London:

For more just do a web search.

BLF helpline may be able to advise also, click on the red balloon top right for their contact details. Helpline is manned 10am to 5pm week days.


get in touch with your council local occupational services they will send someone out to asses your mum and put a care plan into action to care for your mum hope this helps


Give your mother's surgery a call. They should be able to point you in the right direction.


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