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Hi Peeps, hope you're all coping ok.


Just wondering if anyone out there is on one a day Doxycycline 100 mg. I have just been prescribed this by professor a Wilson at RBH. My infection all cleared up so I'm reluctant to take them. Many thanks in anticipation . Kissi xx

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Kissi, I would take them if they have been prescribed. "Them in charge" know best. It could be preventative measures.

Kissi in reply to pergola1

Thanks pergola, I know I should but I'm still getting used to the idea of being dependant on so much medication! Xx

Hi Kissi yes im on it at present got another two weeks of it. I had it first in december after first lot of amoyxocillan (eccuse spelling ) then swapped couple times till back on again.

I havent noticed any side effects other than funny taste in mouth yukky ........ but if you arent taking id advise you to start taking probiotics .......the nurse here told me theyd help and they do . I also on her advice take a spoonful of Manuka 25 honey as its got high natural antibacterial properties in ....im not keen on honey but i mix it in my porridge with some yoghurt . Hope this helps xxx judith x

Kissi in reply to tigershay1

Ok thanks for that Judith, I like the sound of the honey, I love honey! Thanks you. Kissi x


Hi kiss I .I have just taken the first tablet of the same med. It is the second lot .finished those last week.they were 500 for a chest infection that still not fully cleared up.it is my 4th lot of abs in the last few weeks as well as a course of steroids. I always read the l leaflets that come with the tablets to be forewarned of any possible reactions. I have been fine on them .but everyone is different. It must have been thought to be beneficial for you to have them but of course the choice is yours. Wishing you well. Joyce

Kissi in reply to Hidden

Thank you Joyce, I think I'll start taking them as you say, there must be a benefit to using them so will start tomorrow! Thanks. Kissix

Hello Kissi,

Yes I am on Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg daily as a prophylactic treatment. My consultant explained that although it means taking another drug every day, it is generally well tolerated and can reduce the need for more "flare up" treatment like different antibiotics or high dose steroids & also help to reduce the frequency of infections.

I was previously on flucloxacillin 500mg twice a day alternating every 3 weeks with 625mg Co-Amoxiclav twice a day, this regime helped at first but made me feel very sick. I also got flare ups roughly every 3 - 4 weeks.

Since being on the doxycycline, my flare ups are now roughly 6-8 weeks apart & I don't suffer the nausea which means I am back to eating my normal diet. It makes my skin slightly dry but I use body lotion every day & its a very small price to pay for the huge improvement is has made. I've been on it 4 months now.

Good luck with your treatment

Kissi in reply to Impy-87

Hi impy do you have bronchiectasis? I feel so well now after my 10 days of IV abs and feel I would like to try and be ab free to see how I manage the condition by just taking the minimum meds, mucodyne, ad cal, spiria and seretide. Along with PR . what do you think? Kissi

Hello, yes, I've been taking that dose as a preventative for well over two years now. I still get infections but it has cut them down to about 3 or 4 a year.

Kissi in reply to linsabout

That's good to know linsabout. Many thanks for that. Kissi:)

Finish the course to get rid of the infection, if you don't it might come back and the bugs can become resistant to the antibiotics, so it wont work on them next time. I have been prescribed this for a chest infection before, it worked well, all of them have side effects but its worth sticking it out and finishing them.I have to nebulise Colistin daily to keep infection at bay.

Kissi in reply to Fern369

Many thanks Fern :)

Pete has some in his drawer and will start taking them tomorrow instead of the Azithro. His consultant said he could change over from time to time as his body gets too used to the same thing and it becomes less effective. I would take them if I were you and hope you continue to feel as well as you can. xxx

Kissi in reply to sassy59

Took my first one today so thank you for your reply :)

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